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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."
2.  He placed himself at the table and wrote a little note whichhe sealed with a ring, and gave the billet to Kitty."And now, my dear girl," said D'Artagnan, "you know that itis not good for any of us to be here. Therefore let usseparate. We shall meet again in better days."
3.  51 OFFICER
4.  "And whose room is this, my dear child?"
5.  The king came out first from his room. He was in a most eleganthunting costume; and Monsieur and the other nobles were dressedlike him. This was the costume that best became the king. Sodressed, he really appeared the first gentleman of his kingdom.The cardinal drew near to the king, and placed in his hand asmall casket. The king opened it, and found in it two diamondstuds.


1.  "Again!" said D'Artagnan, whose ears chafed terribly under therepetition of this word COINERs.
2.  "If my Musketeers are guilty, sire, the guilty shall be placed inyour Majesty's hands, who will dispose of them at your goodpleasure. Does your Majesty require anything further? Speak, Iam ready to obey."
3.  "And you are going alone?"
4.  "They are below, sire, and with your permission La Chesnaye willbid them come up."
5.  The question of carrying the city by assault, though oftendebated in the council of the king, had been always rejected. Inthe first place, La Rochelle appeared impregnable. Then thecardinal, whatever he said, very well knew that the horror ofbloodshed in this encounter, in which Frenchman would combatagainst Frenchman, was a retrograde movement of sixty yearsimpressed upon his policy; and the cardinal was at that periodwhat we now call a man of progress. In fact, the sack of LaRochelle, and the assassination of three of four thousandHuguenots who allowed themselves to be killed, would resemble tooclosely, in 1628, the massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572; andthen, above all this, this extreme measure, which was not at allrepugnant to the king, good Catholic as he was, always fellbefore this argument of the besieging generals--La Rochelle isimpregnable except to famine.
6.  "Hush!" interrupted Athos. "You forget, my dear, you forgetthat these gentlemen are not initiated into my familyaffairs like yourself. I have seen Milady."


1.  "Alone?" asked Athos.
2.  But this time our Gascon saw at a glance all the advantageto be derived from the love which Kitty had just confessedso innocently, or so boldly: the interception of lettersaddressed to the Comte de Wardes, news on the spot, entranceat all hours into Kitty's chamber, which was contiguous toher mistress's. The perfidious deceiver was, as may plainlybe perceived, already sacrificing, in intention, the poorgirl in order to obtain Milady, willy-nilly.
3.  "Why, that is that you would have acted much more wisely ifyou had not required me to make myself known."
4.  But when the saddle and arms for Grimaud were purchased,Athos had not a son left of his hundred and fifty pistoles.D'Artagnan offered his friend a part of his share which heshould return when convenient.
5.   "Well, what did he say then?"
6.  "And I--I tell you against both. I tell you the queen does notlove me; I tell you she loves another; I tell you she loves thatinfamous Buckingham! Why did you not have him arrested while inParis?"


1.  The outlook was sad. Sure of being killed by Athos, it mayeasily be understood that the young man was not very uneasy aboutPorthos. As hope, however, is the last thing extinguished in theheart of man, he finished by hoping that he might survive, eventhough with terrible wounds, in both these duels; and in case ofsurviving, he made the following reprehensions upon his ownconduct:
2.  The two men followed the company, and on leaving theaubourg St. Antoine, mounted two horses properly equipped,which a servant without livery had waiting for them.
3.  "I have five hundred pistoles, or thereabouts."
4、  "Remember that I affirm nothing, Monsieur the Commissary, andthat I only suspect."
5、  "Oh, Athos!" said Aramis, "truly you are a great man."Porthos nodded in sign of agreement. D'Artagnan alone didnot seem convinced.




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      Aramis, after a journey into Lorraine, disappeared all at once, andceased to write to his friends; they learned at a later period throughMme. de Chevreuse, who told it to two or three of her intimates, that,yielding to his vocation, he had retired into a convent--only intowhich, nobody knew.

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      "My faith," said Athos, "I have nothing to say against aretreat. We bet upon one hour, and we have stayed an hourand a half. Nothing can be said; let us be off, gentlemen,let us be off!"

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       But as M. de Toiras gave information that everything waspreparing in the enemy's camp for a fresh assault, the kingjudged that it would be best to put an end to the affair,and gave the necessary orders for a decisive action.As it is not our intention to give a journal of the siege,but on the contrary only to describe such of the events ofit as are connected with the story we are relating, we willcontent ourselves with saying in two words that theexpedition succeeded, to the great astonishment of the kingand the great glory of the cardinal. The English, repulsedfoot by foot, beaten in all encounters, and defeated in thepassage of the Isle of Loie, were obliged to re-embark,leaving on the field of battle two thousand men, among whomwere five colonels, three lieutenant colonels, two hundredand fifty captains, twenty gentlemen of rank, four pieces ofcannon, and sixty flags, which were taken to Paris by Claudede St. Simon, and suspended with great pomp in the arches ofNotre Dame.

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      "I was brought up here."

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      "Adieu, Countess."}

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      "Your pardon, my officer," said Athos; "but we were ignorantwith whom we had to do, and you may see that we were goodguard."

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      Athos cast a cold and indifferent glance upon the objects we havedescribed, and at the invitation of him whom he came to seek sat downnear him.

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       Unfortunately, there was one circumstance which created apowerful obstacle to the accomplishment of this threat; whichwas, as we have related, that his sword had been in his firstconflict broken in two, and which he had entirely forgotten.Hence, it resulted when D'Artagnan proceeded to draw his sword inearnest, he found himself purely and simply armed with a stump ofa sword about eight or ten inches in length, which the host hadcarefully placed in the scabbard. As to the rest of the blade,the master had slyly put that on one side to make himself alarding pin.

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    {  Athos entered without the least mistrust, and took out twopistoles to pay the bill. The host was alone, seated before hisdesk, one of the drawers of which was partly open. He took themoney which Athos offered to him, and after turning and turningit over and over in his hands, suddenly cried out that it wasbad, and that he would have him and his companions arrested asforgers.

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      "Ah, my God, my God!" murmured the poor mercer, "now, indeed, Iam lost!" And he followed the guards who came for him,mechanically and without resistance.