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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Act four, scene one, "Walpurgis Night" theme from the opera "Faust" 1859,by Charles Gounod. Over the heather, marshes, meadows, Light as a feather,Eerie shadows, Airily flashing lower, higher, flaming and flashing, glowing fire,they float, they hover, below, above, In fields of clover, In wood and grove,Flames burning brightly, Rays blazing red, Souls drifting lightly, Souls of thedead.
2.  Brander (to Siebel)
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  Study
5.  Yes, we'll presently away.
6.  Swift in the circle they advanced, They danced to right, to left they danced,And all the skirts were swinging. And they grew red, and they grew warm,Panting, they rested arm in arm, Juchhe! Juchhe! Juchheisa! Heisa! He! Tohip their elbow bringing.


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Youth, my good friend, you certainly require When foes in battle round arepressing, When a fair maid, her heart on fire, Hangs on your neck with fondcaressing, When from afar, the victor's crown, To reach the hard - won goalinciteth; When from the whirling dance, to drown Your sense, the night'scarouse inviteth. But the familiar chords among Boldly to sweep, with gracefulcunning, While to its goal, the verse along Its winding path is sweetly running;This task is yours, old gentlemen, to - day; Nor are you therefore less inreverence held; Age does not make us childish, as folk say, It finds us genuinechildren e'en in eld.
3.  Faust
4.  Margaret
5.  Why how again it seethes and glows! Away, thou fool! Her torment ease!When such a head no issue sees, It pictures straight the final close. Long lifeto him who boldly dares! A devil's pluck thou'rt wont to show; As for a devilwho despairs, Nothing I find so mawkish here below.Margaret's Room
6.  Siebel


1.  And tempests roar in emulation From sea to land, from land to sea, Andraging form, without cessation, A chain of wondrous agency, Full in thethunder's path careering, Flaring the swift destructions play; But, Lord, Thyservants are revering The mild procession of thy day.The Three
2.  Faust
3.  The Massive Ones
4.  Faust
5.   Faust
6.  Beggar (sings)


1.  Faust
2.  Who's there?
3.  (While undressing herself she begins to sing.)There was a king in Thule, True even to the grave; To whom his dyingmistress A golden beaker gave.
4、  The prospect fills me with dismay.
5、  Mephistopheles




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      Oh death! I know it - 'tis my famulus My fairest fortune now escapes! That allthese visionary shapes A soulless groveller should banish thus!(Wagner in his dressing gown and night - cap, a lamp in his hand. Faust turnsround reluctantly.)

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      And yet my steps I would retrace. These walls, this melancholy room,O'erpower me with a sense of gloom; The space is narrow, nothing green, Nofriendly tree is to be seen: And in these halls, with benches filled, distraught,Sight, hearing fail me, and the power of thought.Mephistopheles

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    {  He loves me - not - he loves me - not

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      And look, my hand doth thine enclose!}

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      Snake! Serpent vile!

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       Martha (aloud)

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    {  Raphael

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      The He - Monkey (approaching and fawning on Mephistopheles)Quick! quick! throw the dice, Make me rich in a trice, Oh give me the prize!Alas, for myself! Had I plenty of pelf, I then should be wise.Mephistopheles