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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The solemn Mr. Merryweather perched himself upon a crate, witha very injured expression upon his face, while Holmes fell uponhis knees upon the floor and, with the lantern and a magnifyinglens, began to examine minutely the cracks between the stones. Afew seconds sufficed to satisfy him, for he sprang to his feetagain and put his glass in his pocket.
2.  "Ah, thereby hangs a rather painful tale. This fellow is madly,insanely, in love with her, but some two years ago, when he was only alad, and before he really knew her, for she had been away five yearsat a boarding-school, what does the idiot do but get into the clutchesof a barmaid in Bristol and marry her at a registry office? No oneknows a word of the matter, but you can imagine how maddening itmust be to him to be upbraided for not doing what he would give hisvery eyes to do, but what he knows to be absolutely impossible. It wassheer frenzy of this sort which made him throw his hands up into theair when his father, at their last interview, was goading him on topropose to Miss Turner. On the other hand, he had no means ofsupporting himself, and his father, who was by all accounts a veryhard man, would have thrown him over utterly had he known the truth.It was with his barmaid wife that he had spent the last three daysin Bristol, and his father did not know where he was. Mark that point.It is of importance. Good has come out of evil, however, for thebarmaid, finding from the papers that he is in serious trouble andlikely to be hanged, has thrown him over utterly and has written tohim to say that she has a husband already in the Bermuda Dockyard,so that there is really no tie between them. I think that of newshas consoled young McCarthy for all that he has suffered.""But if he is innocent, who has done it?"
3.  Sherlock Holmes was wrong in his conjecture, however, forthere came a step in the passage and a tapping at the door. Hestretched out his long arm to turn the lamp away from himself andtowards the vacant chair upon which a newcomer must sit. "Comein!" said he.
4.  Ronald Adair was fond of cards- playing continually, but never forsuch stakes as would hurt him. He was a member of the Baldwin, theCavendish, and the Bagatelle card clubs. It was shown that, afterdinner on the day of his death, he had played a rubber of whist at thelatter club. He had also played there in the afternoon. The evidenceof those who had played with him- Mr. Murray, Sir John Hardy, andColonel Moran- showed that the game was whist, and that there was afairly equal fall of the cards. Adair might have lost five pounds, butnot more. His fortune was a considerable one, and such a loss couldnot in any way affect him. He had played nearly every day at oneclub or other, but he was a cautious player, and usually rose awinner. It came out in evidence that, in partnership with ColonelMoran, he had actually won as much as four hundred and twenty poundsin a sitting, some weeks before, from Godfrey Milner and LordBalmoral. So much for his recent history as it came out at theinquest.
5.  "When I joined up in January, 1901- just two years ago- youngGodfrey Emsworth had joined the same squadron. He was ColonelEmsworth's only son- Emsworth, the Crimean V.C.- and he had thefighting blood in him, so it is no wonder he volunteered. There wasnot a finer lad in the regiment. We formed a friendship- the sort offriendship which can only be made when one lives the same life andshares the same joys and sorrows. He was my mate- and that means agood deal in the Army. We took the rough and the smooth together for ayear of hard fighting. Then he was hit with a bullet from anelephant gun in the action near Diamond Hill outside Pretoria. I gotone letter from the hospital at Cape Town and one from SouthHampton. Since then not a word- not one word, Mr. Holmes, for sixmonths and more, and he my closest pal.
6.  "I have been a governess for five years," said she, "in the familyof Colonel Spence Munro, but two months ago the colonel received anappointment at Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and took his children overto America with him, so that I found myself without a situation. Iadvertised, and I answered advertisements, but without success. Atlast the little money which I had saved began to run short, and Iwas at my wit's end as to what I should do.


1.  "Your beer should be excellent if it is as good as yourgeese," said he.
2.  The Count had risen from his chair, and his hand was behind hisback. Holmes held something half protruding from the pocket of hisdressing-gown.
3.  "Do you know the young lady?" I asked.
4.  "Need I tell you more, Jimmie? It seems that in view of theapproaching battle all these poor creatures had been evacuated the daybefore. Then, as the British advanced, they had been brought back bythis, their medical superintendent, who assured me that, though hebelieved he was immune to the disease, he would none the less neverhave dared to do what I had done. He put me in a private room, treatedme kindly, and within a week or so I was removed to the generalhospital at Pretoria.
5.  "'Not go to Mawson's?'


1.  Sherlock Holmes had opened his mouth to reply, when the doorflew open, and Peterson, the commissionaire, rushed into theapartment with flushed cheeks and the face of a man who is dazedwith astonishment.
2.  I have only one further note of this case. It is the letter whichHolmes wrote in final answer to that with which the narrativebegins. It ran thus:
3.  "Thank God!" he muttered. "It's someone else."
4.  The landlord pricked up his ears.
5.   Holmes glanced at the paper and put it into his pocket."Dorak- a curious name. Slavonic, I imagine. Well, it is animportant link in the chain. We return to London, this afternoon,Mr. Bennett. I see no good purpose to be served by our remaining. Wecannot arrest the professor because he has done no crime, nor can weplace him under constraint, for he cannot be proved to be mad. Noaction is is yet possible."
6.  "So much so," I remarked, "that of the last six cases which Ihave added to my notes, three have been entirely free of any legalcrime."


1.  "I cannot say that I have."
2.  "'You probably heard of my poor father's death,' said he; 'he wascarried off about two years ago. Since then I have of course had theHurlstone estate to manage, and as I am member for my district aswell, my life has been a busy one. But I understand, Holmes, thatyou are turning to practical ends those powers with which you usedto amaze us?'
3.  "Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody abouthere speaks of his kindness to him."
4、  "But he never brought light into anything quite so dark as this?""Oh, yes, I have known him solve questions which presented fewerclues than yours."
5、  "You have done wisely," said my friend. "But have you told me all?""Yes, all."




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      "Did you see Mr. Gibson?"

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      As we walked rapidly down Howe Street I glanced back at the buildingwhich we had left. There, dimly outlined at the top window, I couldsee the shadow of a head, a woman's head, gazing tensely, rigidly, outinto the night, waiting with breathless suspense for the renewal ofthat interrupted message. At the doorway of the Howe Street flats aman, muffled in a cravat and greatcoat, was leaning against therailing. He started as the hall-light fell upon our faces."Holmes!" he cried.

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       My friend had no breakfast himself, for it was one of hispeculiarities that in his more intense moments he would permit himselfno food, and I have known him presume upon his iron strength untilhe has fainted from pure inanition. "At present I cannot spareenergy and nerve force for digestion," he would say in answer to mymedical remonstrances. I was not surprised, therefore, when thismorning he left his untouched meal behind him, and started with me forNorwood. A crowd of morbid sightseers were still gathered round DeepDene House, which was just such a suburban villa as I had pictured.Within the gates Lestrade met us, his face flushed with victory, hismanner grossly triumphant.

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      "'"Mr. Musgrave, sir," he cried in a voice which was hoarse withemotion, "I can't bear disgrace, sir. I've always been proud abovemy station in life, and disgrace would kill me. My blood will be onyour head, sir-it will, indeed-if you drive me to despair. If youcannot keep me after what has passed, then for God's sake let megive you notice and leave in a month, as if of my own free will. Icould stand that, Mr. Musgrave, but not to be cast out before allthe folk that I know so well."

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    {  "'You can do no good by this obstinacy. Who are you?'

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      "Exactly. We had tried to keep it out of the papers, but there wassome rumor in the Globe last night. I thought it might have reachedyour ears."}

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      "I join in it because there is no other way in the world by whichjustice can be gained. What does the law of England care for therivers of blood shed years ago in San Pedro, or for the ship load oftreasure which this man has stolen? To you they are like crimescommitted in some other planet. But we know. We have learned the truthin sorrow and in suffering. To us there is no fiend in hell likeJuan Murillo, and no peace in life while his victims still cry forvengeance."

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      "We are on the outskirts of Lee," said my companion. "We havetouched on three English counties in our short drive, starting inMiddlesex, passing over an angle of Surrey, and ending in Kent. Seethat light among the trees? That is The Cedars, and beside that lampsits a woman whose anxious ears have already, I have little doubt,caught the clink of our horse's feet."

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       The Lord St. Simon marriage, and its curious termination, havelong ceased to be a subject of interest in those exalted circles inwhich the unfortunate bridegroom moves. Fresh scandals have eclipsedit, and their more piquant details have drawn the gossips away fromthis four-year-old drama. As I have reason to believe, however, thatthe full facts have never been revealed to the general public, andas my friend Sherlock Holmes had a considerable share in clearingthe matter up, I feel that no memoir of him would be completewithout some little sketch of this remarkable episode.

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    {  "Let me see," said Holmes, seating himself on Staunton's bed. "Youare the day porter, are you not?"

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      "Dear me! Well, it is certainly a most curious little problem. I maytake a glance at it in my leisure. By the way, it is curious thatyou should have come from Topeka. I used to have a correspondent- heis dead now- old Dr. Lysander Starr, who was mayor in 1890.""Good old Dr. Starr!" said our visitor. "His name is still honoured.Well, Mr. Holmes, I suppose all we can do is to report to you andlet you know how we progress. I reckon you will hear within a day ortwo." With this assurance our American bowed and departed.Holmes had lit his pipe, and he sat for some time with a curioussmile upon his face.