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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It has been done. Thanks to the telephone and the help of the Yard,I can usually get my essentials without leaving this room. As a matterof fact, my information confirms the man's story. He has the localrepute of being a miser as well as a harsh and exacting husband.That he had a large sum of money in that strongroom of his is certain.So also is it that young Dr. Ernest, an unmarried man, played chesswith Amberley, and probably played the fool with his wife. All thisseems plain sailing, and one would think that there was no more tobe said- and yet!- and yet!"
2.  "You are just the man I want," said he. "Here's the agreement on thesidetable. If you sign it the whole matter will be settled."The seaman lurched across the room and took up the pen."Shall I sign here?" he asked, stooping over the table.Holmes leaned over his shoulder and passed both hands over his neck."This will do," said he.
3.  .
4.  "He was last seen on the night of May 13th- that is, the night oflast Monday. His room was on the second floor and was approachedthrough another larger room, in which two boys were sleeping. Theseboys saw and heard nothing, so that it is certain that young Saltiredid not pass out that way. His window was open, and there is a stoutivy plant leading to the ground. We could trace no footmarks below,but it is sure that this is the only possible exit.
5.  "Let us have everything in its due order." Holmes thrust his longthin legs out towards the fire and composed himself to listen."In the first place, I may say that I have met, on the whole, withno actual ill-treatment from Mr. and Mrs. Rucastle. It is only fair tothem to say that. But I cannot understand them, and I am not easy inmy mind about them."
6.  Sherlock Holmes shrugged his shoulders.


1.  "Because she had the money there with which to pay off the brokers.""She has at least an answer for everything. Did you ask herwhether in leaving she met anyone or saw anyone loitering aboutCharles Street?"
2.  I stood for a minute or two to collect myself, for I was dazedwith the horror of the thing. Then I began to think of Holmes's ownmethods and to try to practise them in reading this tragedy. It was,alas, only too easy to do. During our conversation we had not goneto the end of the path, and the Alpine-stock marked the place where wehad stood. The blackish soil is kept forever soft by the incessantdrift of spray, and a bird would leave its tread upon it. Two lines offootmarks were clearly marked along the farther end of the path,both leading away from me. There were none returning. A few yards fromthe end the soil was all ploughed up into a patch of mud, and thebrambles and ferns which fringed the chasm were torn and bedraggled. Ilay upon my face and peered over with the spray spouting up all aroundme. It had darkened since I left, and now I could only see here andthere the glistening of moisture upon the black walls, and far awaydown at the end of the shaft the gleam of the broken water. I shouted;but only that same half-human cry of the fall was borne back to mycars.
3.  "The problem presents features of interest," said he. "I may evensay exceptional features of interest. I have already looked into thematter, and have come, as I think, within sight of my solution. If youcould accompany me in that last step you might be of considerableservice to me."
4.  "Exactly. I was sure you would pick up the trail presently.""But what worried him?"
5.  "A bicycle, certainly, but not the bicycle," said he. "I am familiarwith forty-two different impressions left by tyres. This, as youperceive, is a Dunlop, with a patch upon the outer cover.Heidegger's tyres were Palmer's, leaving longitudinal stripes.Aveling, the mathematical master, was sure upon the point.Therefore, it is not Heidegger's track."
6.  "The billiard-marker and the other?"


1.  "Now, Susan, wheezy people may not live long, you know. It's awicked thing to tell fibs. Whom did you tell?"
2.  The development for which my friend had asked came in a quickerand an infinitely more tragic form than he could have imagined. Iwas still dressing in my bedroom next morning, when there was a tap atthe door and Holmes entered, a telegram in his hand. He read it aloud:"Come instantly, 131 Pitt Street, Kensington.
3.  "It is, indeed!" said I heartily.
4.  "If you will be so good. If he can clear the matter up, well andgood. If he refuses, we have no alternative but to apply for awarrant."
5.   "I do not feel that there is any reason why I should render anexplanation to you, Mr. Holmes."
6.  "It was a just Providence that killed him. But, mind you this,that if I had knocked his brains out, as it was in my heart to do,he would have had no more than his due from my hands. If his ownguilty conscience had not struck him down it is likely enough that Imight have had his blood upon my soul. You want me to tell thestory. Well, I don't know why I shouldn't, for there's no cause for meto be ashamed of it.


1.  She drew a large silver locket from her bosom. "You have neverseen this open."
2.  "She told me to ask you."
3.  "Under the latter heading is included, no doubt, not only thosewho may have taken him away, but also those who conspire to keep himin his present position?"
4、  "What do you make of that, Watson?" Holmes whispered.
5、  "How could you know that?"




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      Holmes considered for some little time.

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      "Oh, yes, she will," said Holmes. He scribbled a few lines upon asheet of paper. "You at least have the entree, Watson. Will you havethe goodness to give the lady this note?"

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       "I was smoking in my dressing-room."

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      "Where do you want to go?"

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    {  "Now I come to the critical part of my argument. The naturalaction of a man in pursuing a little boy would be to run after him. Hewould know that he could overtake him. But the German does not doso. He turns to his bicycle. I am told that he was an excellentcyclist. He would not do this, if he did not see that the boy had someswift means of escape."

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      "A fake, is it? Well, strike me! Madame Tussaud ain't in it. It'sthe living spit of him, gown and all. But them curtains, Count!""Oh, confound the curtains! We are wasting our time, and there isnone too much. He can lag us over this stone."}

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      "Had he ever one from France?"

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    {  Shortly after my marriage I had bought a connection in thePaddington district. Old Mr. Farquhar, from whom I purchased it, hadat one time an excellent general practice; but his age, and anaffliction of the nature of St. Vitus's dance from which hesuffered, had very much thinned it. The public not unnaturally goes onthe principle that he who would heal others must himself be whole, andlooks askance at the curative powers of the man whose own case isbeyond the reach of his drugs. Thus as my predecessor weakened hispractice declined, until when I purchased it from him it had sunk fromtwelve hundred to little more than three hundred a year. I hadconfidence, however, in my own youth and energy and was convinced thatin a very few years the concern would be as flourishing as ever.For three months after taking over the practice I was kept veryclosely at work and saw little of my friend Sherlock Holmes, for I wastoo busy to visit Baker Street and he seldom went anywhere himselfsave upon professional business. I was surprised, therefore, when, onemorning in June, as I sat reading the British Medical Journal afterbreakfast, I heard a ring at the bell, followed by the high,somewhat strident tones of my old companion's voice.

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      "Who posted your letter?"