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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This was the first time Morrel had ever so spoken, but hesaid it in a tone of paternal kindness, and Julie did notdare to disobey. She remained at the same spot standing muteand motionless. An instant afterwards the door opened, shefelt two arms encircle her, and a mouth pressed herforehead. She looked up and uttered an exclamation of joy.
2.  "Take one of the carriage-lamps, Bertuccio," said the count,"and show me the apartments." The steward obeyed in silence,but it was easy to see, from the manner in which the handthat held the light trembled, how much it cost him to obey.They went over a tolerably large ground-floor; a secondfloor consisted of a salon, a bathroom, and two bedrooms;near one of the bedrooms they came to a winding staircasethat led down to the garden.
3.  "Permit me to inform you, Count," said he, bowing, "that Ihave received a letter of advice from Thomson & French, ofRome."
4.  "What is it?"
5.  The count departed with a sad heart from the house in whichhe had left Mercedes, probably never to behold her again.Since the death of little Edward a great change had takenplace in Monte Cristo. Having reached the summit of hisvengeance by a long and tortuous path, he saw an abyss ofdoubt yawning before him. More than this, the conversationwhich had just taken place between Mercedes and himself hadawakened so many recollections in his heart that he felt itnecessary to combat with them. A man of the count'stemperament could not long indulge in that melancholy whichcan exist in common minds, but which destroys superior ones.He thought he must have made an error in his calculations ifhe now found cause to blame himself.
6.  "Oh, that depends upon circumstances. I know an Italianprince, rich as a gold mine, one of the noblest families inTuscany, who, when his sons married according to his wish,gave them millions; and when they married against hisconsent, merely allowed them thirty crowns a month. ShouldAndrea marry according to his father's views, he will,perhaps, give him one, two, or three millions. For example,supposing it were the daughter of a banker, he might take aninterest in the house of the father-in-law of his son; thenagain, if he disliked his choice, the major takes the key,double-locks his coffer, and Master Andrea would be obligedto live like the sons of a Parisian family, by shufflingcards or rattling the dice."


1.  "Why the devil have they any stairs with such windows?"
2.  "A thousand thanks for your kindness, viscount," returnedthe Count of Monte Cristo "but I suppose that M. Bertucciohas suitably employed the four hours and a half I have givenhim, and that I shall find a carriage of some sort ready atthe door." Albert was used to the count's manner ofproceeding; he knew that, like Nero, he was in search of theimpossible, and nothing astonished him, but wishing to judgewith his own eyes how far the count's orders had beenexecuted, he accompanied him to the door of the house. MonteCristo was not deceived. As soon as he appeared in the Countof Morcerf's ante-chamber, a footman, the same who at Romehad brought the count's card to the two young men, andannounced his visit, sprang into the vestibule, and when hearrived at the door the illustrious traveller found hiscarriage awaiting him. It was a coupe of Koller's building,and with horses and harness for which Drake had, to theknowledge of all the lions of Paris, refused on the previousday seven hundred guineas. "Monsieur," said the count toAlbert, "I do not ask you to accompany me to my house, as Ican only show you a habitation fitted up in a hurry, and Ihave, as you know, a reputation to keep up as regards notbeing taken by surprise. Give me, therefore, one more daybefore I invite you; I shall then be certain not to fail inmy hospitality."
3.  Beauchamp availed himself of Albert's permission, and lefthim, promising to call for him at a quarter before eight. Onhis return home, Albert expressed his wish to Franz Debray,and Morrel, to see them at the opera that evening. Then hewent to see his mother, who since the events of the daybefore had refused to see any one, and had kept her room. Hefound her in bed, overwhelmed with grief at this publichumiliation. The sight of Albert produced the effect whichmight naturally be expected on Mercedes; she pressed herson's hand and sobbed aloud, but her tears relieved her.Albert stood one moment speechless by the side of hismother's bed. It was evident from his pale face and knitbrows that his resolution to revenge himself was growingweaker. "My dear mother," said he, "do you know if M. deMorcerf has any enemy?" Mercedes started; she noticed thatthe young man did not say "my father." "My son," she said,"persons in the count's situation have many secret enemies.Those who are known are not the most dangerous."
4.  "`I say that the diamond is real, and that this gentleman,one of the first jewellers of Paris, will give us 50,000francs for it. Only, in order to satisfy himself that itreally belongs to us, he wishes you to relate to him, as Ihave done already, the miraculous manner in which thediamond came into our possession. In the meantime please tosit down, monsieur, and I will fetch you some refreshment.'The jeweller examined attentively the interior of the innand the apparent poverty of the persons who were about tosell him a diamond that seemed to have come from the casketof a prince. `Relate your story, madame,' said he, wishing,no doubt, to profit by the absence of the husband, so thatthe latter could not influence the wife's story, to see ifthe two recitals tallied.
5.  "I do not understand you," said Debray with freezingcoldness.
6.  "She departed last night."


1.  "Some provincial, it appears. M. de Villefort heard of himat Marseilles, and M. Danglars recollects having seen him.Consequently, the procureur is very active in the affair,and the prefect of police very much interested; and, thanksto that interest, for which I am very grateful, they send meall the robbers of Paris and the neighborhood, underpretence of their being Caderousse's murderers, so that inthree months, if this continue, every robber and assassin inFrance will have the plan of my house at his fingers' end. Iam resolved to desert them and go to some remote corner ofthe earth, and shall be happy if you will accompany me,viscount."
2.  "Yes," replied the procureur.
3.  "And you are quite right," said the notary, who feared tolose his fee. "It is a charming place, well supplied withspring-water and fine trees; a comfortable habitation,although abandoned for a long time, without reckoning thefurniture, which, although old, is yet valuable, now thatold things are so much sought after. I suppose the count hasthe tastes of the day?"
4.  "Ah, your pardon," said Dantes, frowning in his turn; "I didnot perceive that there were three of us." Then, turning toMercedes, he inquired, "Who is this gentleman?"
5.   "`Signed El-Kobbir.'
6.  "My dear fellow," replied Albert, with perfect ease of mind,"remember, for the future, Napoleon's maxim, `Never awakenme but for bad news;' if you had let me sleep on, I shouldhave finished my galop, and have been grateful to you all mylife. So, then, they have paid my ransom?"


1.  "Of Ali Pasha and the beautiful Vasiliki."
2.  An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."
3.  "Is there, indeed, my good fellow? Pray tell me, is itsympathy of heart?"
4、  "Why not?"
5、  "An old gentleman," continued the concierge, "a stanchfollower of the Bourbons; he had an only daughter, whomarried M. de Villefort, who had been the king's attorney atNimes, and afterwards at Versailles." Monte Cristo glancedat Bertuccio, who became whiter than the wall against whichhe leaned to prevent himself from falling. "And is not thisdaughter dead?" demanded Monte Cristo; "I fancy I have heardso."




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      "That's not fair," said the seaman who had saved Dantes;"for you know more than we do."

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      Gradually the reception-room filled, and some of our oldfriends made their appearance -- we mean Debray,Chateau-Renaud, and Beauchamp, accompanied by all theleading men of the day at the bar, in literature, or thearmy, for M. de Villefort moved in the first Parisiancircles, less owing to his social position than to hispersonal merit. The cousin standing at the door ushered inthe guests, and it was rather a relief to the indifferent tosee a person as unmoved as themselves, and who did not exacta mournful face or force tears, as would have been the casewith a father, a brother, or a lover. Those who wereacquainted soon formed into little groups. One of them wasmade of Debray, Chateau-Renaud, and Beauchamp.

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       "No," returned Monte Cristo "I only guessed. I knew a LordWilmore, who was constantly doing actions of this kind."

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      "In the name of the love you once bore me!"

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    {  "I do not understand you."

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      "Ma foi, my dear viscount, you are fated to hear music thisevening; you have only escaped from Mademoiselle Danglars'piano, to be attacked by Haidee's guzla."}

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      "Ah, true," observed Monte Cristo; "I recollect now. I readthe advertisement in one of the papers, and was tempted bythe false title, `a country house.'"

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      "How long a delay do you wish for?" -- Morrel reflected."Two months," said he.

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       "Oh, yes, in spite of all I could say. I do not know theyoung man; he is said to be of good family and rich, but Inever trust to vague assertions. I have warned M. Danglarsof it till I am tired, but he is fascinated with hisLuccanese. I have even informed him of a circumstance Iconsider very serious; the young man was either charmed byhis nurse, stolen by gypsies, or lost by his tutor, Iscarcely know which. But I do know his father lost sight ofhim for more than ten years; what he did during these tenyears, God only knows. Well, all that was useless. They havecommissioned me to write to the major to demand papers, andhere they are. I send them, but like Pilate -- washing myhands."

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    {  "That this chief inhabits a cavern to which the Pitti Palaceis nothing."

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      "And what is her name?"