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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Athos remained a Musketeer under the command of D'Artagnan till the year1633, at which period, after a journey he made to Touraine, he also quitthe service, under the pretext of having inherited a small property inRoussillon.
2.  "The third, then, fell from the clouds, I suppose?""No, the third was brought to me this very morning by agroom out of livery, who would not tell me in whose servicehe was, and who said he had received orders from hismaster."
3.  At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"
4.  "No, madame," replied the novice, "only I thought I had chosen my timeill; you were asleep, you are fatigued."
5.  Milady wished to please the abbess. This was a very easy matter for awoman so really superior as she was. She tried to be agreeable, and shewas charming, winning the good superior by her varied conversation andby the graces of her whole personality.
6.  "Oh, I saw the snare, and I answered you would be quite indespair on your return.


1.  As for her, she returned to her place with a smile of savagecontempt upon her lips, and repeated, blaspheming, that terriblename of God, by whom she had just sworn without ever havinglearned to know Him.
2.  The Englishmen, convinced of these peaceful proceedings, sheathedtheir swords grumblingly. The history of Athos's imprisonmentwas then related to them; and as they were really gentlemen, theypronounced the host in the wrong.
3.  The next morning D'Artagnan ran to find Athos. He wasengaged in an adventure so singular that he wished forcounsel. He therefore told him all.
4.  The patrol passed. The noise of their retreating footsteps andthe murmur of their voices soon died away.
5.  "Four conveyed him away, I don't know where--to the Bastille orFort l'Eveque. Two remained with the men in black, who rummagedevery place and took all the papers. The last two mounted guardat the door during this examination; then, when all was over,they went away, leaving the house empty and exposed.""And Porthos and Aramis?"
6.  "I will repair it, indeed I will, my dear Porthos.""Besides, what did I ask of you?" resumed Porthos, with amovement of the shoulders full of good fellowship. "A loan,nothing more! After all, I am not an unreasonable man. I knowyou are not rich, Madame Coquenard, and that your husband isobliged to bleed his poor clients to squeeze a few paltry crownsfrom them. Oh! If you were a duchess, a marchioness, or acountess, it would be quite a different thing; it would beunpardonable."


1.  "Willingly," said Aramis.
2.  On the sixth of the following month the king, in compliance with thepromise he had made the cardinal to return to La Rochelle, left hiscapital still in amazement at the news which began to spread itself ofBuckingham's assassination.
3.  "Possibly," continued Aramis, "came toward me, accompanied byfive or six men who followed about ten paces behind him; and inthe politest tone, 'Monsieur Duke,' said he to me, 'and youmadame,' continued he, addressing the lady on my arm--""The doctor's niece?"
4.  "BOULOGNE, evening of the twenty-fifth.
5.   And the cardinal made him a sign with his hand, to whichBonacieux replied by bowing to the ground. He then went outbackward, and when he was in the antechamber the cardinal heardhim, in his enthusiasm, crying aloud, "Long life to theMonseigneur! Long life to his Eminence! Long life to the greatcardinal!" The cardinal listened with a smile to this vociferousmanifestation of the feelings of M. Bonacieux; and then, whenBonacieux's cries were no longer audible, "Good!" said he, "thatman would henceforward lay down his life for me." And thecardinal began to examine with the greatest attention the map ofLa Rochelle, which, as we have said, lay open on the desk,tracing with a pencil the line in which the famous dyke was topass which, eighteen months later, shut up the port of thebesieged city. As he was in the deepest of his strategicmeditations, the door opened, and Rochefort returned."Well?" said the cardinal, eagerly, rising with a promptitudewhich proved the degree of importance he attached to thecommission with which he had charged the count.
6.  "For my misfortune."


1.  "I hope so. Now, then, all is agreed; let us go down.""You are going into the garden?"
2.  "At one o'clock this morning she had not returned.""My God! What can have become of her, then?"
3.  "We must use, and not abuse," said Aramis, sententiously."I always said that D'Artagnan had the longest head of the four,"said Athos, who, having uttered his opinion, to which D'Artagnanreplied with a bow, immediately resumed his accustomed silence."But come, what is this about?" asked Porthos.
4、  "She seemed to love me so!"
5、  D'Artagnan, his eye moist with gratitude though beaming with joy, wentback to Athos, whom he found still at table contemplating the charms ofhis last glass of Malaga by the light of his lamp."Well," said he, "they likewise have refused me.""That, dear friend, is because nobody is more worthy than yourself."He took a quill, wrote the name of D'Artagnan in the commission, andreturned it to him.




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      "For me! I have asked for no leave of absence."

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      The Siege of La Rochelle was one of the great politicalevents of the reign of Louis XIII, and one of the greatmilitary enterprises of the cardinal. It is, then,interesting and even necessary that we should say a fewwords about it, particularly as many details of this siegeare connected in too important a manner with the story wehave undertaken to relate to allow us to pass it over insilence.

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       "Thank you, monsieur, you are not brave enough to be of any useto me whatever," replied Mme. Bonacieux. "I shall return verysafely to the Louvre all alone."

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      "The secret is," said Athos, "that I saw Milady last night."D'Artagnan was lifting a glass to his lips; but at the nameof Milady, his hand trembled so, that he was obliged to putthe glass on the ground again for fear of spilling thecontents."

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    {  "I have not breathed a syllable to them."

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      "There, now! Oh, Monsieur Chevalier, do you love that womanstill?"}

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      D'Artagnan colored and grew pale several times in readingthis billet.

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      "Yesterday I was at the house of a doctor of theology, whom Isometimes consult about my studies."

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       By that plain arrangement of the hair, by that costume of extremesimplicity, by the brow polished like marble and as hard andimpenetrable, she recognized one of those gloomy Puritans she hadso often met, not only in the court of King James, but in that ofthe King of France, where, in spite of the remembrance of the St.Bartholomew, they sometimes came to seek refuge.

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    {  "Whether by chance or mistrust, the queen made Madame de Surgissleep in her chamber, and detained her all day."

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      "But these two words would bring about my condemnation, divorce,exile!"