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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And now why are you here?"
2.  "You, madame, remained under the arbor; do you not remember,that while you were seated on a stone bench, and while, as Itold you, Mademoiselle de Villefort and your young son wereabsent, you conversed for a considerable time withsomebody?"
3.  "Really," said the major, "difficulties seem to thicken uponus; will she be wanted in any way?"
4.  "And who is Beppo?"
5.  "It is no news to you," added d'Avrigny, "to tell you thatan attempt has been made to poison her?" The old man made asign that he entertained no doubt upon the subject. "Thenhow do you hope Valentine will escape?" Noirtier kept hiseyes steadfastly fixed on the same spot. D'Avrigny followedthe direction and saw that they were fixed on a bottlecontaining the mixture which he took every morning. "Ah,indeed?" said d'Avrigny, struck with a sudden thought, "hasit occurred to you" -- Noirtier did not let him finish."Yes," said he. "To prepare her system to resist poison?"
6.  "Ah," said Villefort, "this seems to me the truth. If youhave been culpable, it was imprudence, and this imprudencewas in obedience to the orders of your captain. Give up thisletter you have brought from Elba, and pass your word youwill appear should you be required, and go and rejoin yourfriends.


1.  "Ah, my dear M. Cavalcanti, I trust you will not leavebefore I have had the honor of presenting you to some of myfriends."
2.  "Yes." D'Avrigny reflected a moment; then approachingNoirtier, -- "Pardon what I am going to say," added he, "butno indication should be neglected in this terriblesituation. Did you see poor Barrois die?" Noirtier raisedhis eyes to heaven. "Do you know of what he died!" askedd'Avrigny, placing his hand on Noirtier's shoulder.
3.  "Leave us, Germain," said Villefort. The servant quitted theapartment with evident signs of astonishment.
4.  Chapter 5The Marriage-Feast.
5.  "No; but he has a very comfortable one all the same, so theysay."
6.  "`This is the head of Ali Tepelini Pasha of Yanina.' I criedbitterly, and tried to raise my mother from the earth, butshe was dead! I was taken to the slave-market, and waspurchased by a rich Armenian. He caused me to be instructed,gave me masters, and when I was thirteen years of age hesold me to the Sultan Mahmood."


1.  "Where?"
2.  "No, no," cried the abbe; "impossible!" Dantes endeavored torenew the subject; the abbe shook his head in token ofdisapproval, and refused to make any further response. Threemonths passed away.
3.  "What an appetite you used to have! Is it as good now?"
4.  "I will not answer for it," said Monte Cristo. "His fatherwas introduced to me as a marquis, so he ought to be acount; but I do not think he has much claim to that title."
5.   "Just the person we require at a time like the present,"said a second.
6.  The two men turned quickly, and saw the sickly countenanceof La Carconte peering between the baluster rails; attractedby the sound of voices, she had feebly dragged herself downthe stairs, and, seated on the lower step, head on knees,she had listened to the foregoing conversation. "Mind yourown business, wife," replied Caderousse sharply. "Thisgentleman asks me for information, which common politenesswill not permit me to refuse."


1.  "Oh, my dear count, husbands are pretty much the sameeverywhere; an individual husband of any country is a prettyfair specimen of the whole race."
2.  This address, delivered in the presence of Ali, who, notunderstanding one word of the language in which it wasspoken, stood wholly unmoved, produced an effect on M.Baptistin only to be conceived by such as have occasion tostudy the character and disposition of French domestics. "Iassure your excellency," said he, "that at least it shall bemy study to merit your approbation in all things, and I willtake M. Ali as my model."
3.  "I did not say that I feared it; I only said that deathalone could check the execution of my plans."
4、  "Here, sire?"
5、  "Marry her then," said the count, with a significant shrugof the shoulders.




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      "Well, sir, go"; said Louis XVIII., "and remember that I amwaiting for you."

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      "Blacas, my friend, you have but limited comprehension. Itold you Villefort was ambitions, and to attain thisambition Villefort would sacrifice everything, even hisfather."

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       "Oh, by the house of Fenzi, one of the best in Florence."

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      "Your excellency has given me a louis on account."

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    {  "It is, in fact, magnificent," said Andrea.

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      "So long? -- when were you arrested, then?" asked theinspector.}

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      "Is the Baron Franz d'Epinay."

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      "To whom?"

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       "Go, I tell you."

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    {  "Yes, I see too plainly that it does exist. But it seemsthat it is intended to affect me personally. I fear anattack myself, after all these disasters."

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      "And who afterwards sent the cup to me?"