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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then?"
2.  "Then," answered Albert, "I am better informed than you are,and know who the owner of that horse was."
3.  "What, you do not know! Have you neglected to obtaininformation on that point? Of course it is of noconsequence," he added, with a withering smile.
4.  "Alas," murmured he, with intense suffering, "I might, then,have been happy yet." Then he carried Haidee to her room,resigned her to the care of her attendants, and returning tohis study, which he shut quickly this time, he again copiedthe destroyed will. As he was finishing, the sound of acabriolet entering the yard was heard. Monte Cristoapproached the window, and saw Maximilian and Emmanuelalight. "Good," said he; "it was time," -- and he sealed hiswill with three seals. A moment afterwards he heard a noisein the drawing-room, and went to open the door himself.Morrel was there; he had come twenty minutes before the timeappointed. "I am perhaps come too soon, count," said he,"but I frankly acknowledge that I have not closed my eyesall night, nor has any one in my house. I need to see youstrong in your courageous assurance, to recover myself."Monte Cristo could not resist this proof of affection; henot only extended his hand to the young man, but flew to himwith open arms. "Morrel," said he, "it is a happy day forme, to feel that I am beloved by such a man as you.Good-morning, Emmanuel; you will come with me then,Maximilian?"
5.  "Yes," said Danglars.
6.  "By whom?"


1.  "Well, then, I will tell you what we must do. We must piercethrough the corridor by forming a side opening about themiddle, as it were the top part of a cross. This time youwill lay your plans more accurately; we shall get out intothe gallery you have described; kill the sentinel who guardsit, and make our escape. All we require to insure success iscourage, and that you possess, and strength, which I am notdeficient in; as for patience, you have abundantly provedyours -- you shall now see me prove mine."
2.  "Do you think that I sorrow for Madame Danglars? Undeceiveyourself again; either I am greatly mistaken, or she hasprovided against the catastrophe which threatens you, and,which will pass over without affecting her. She has takencare for herself, -- at least I hope so, -- for herattention has not been diverted from her projects bywatching over me. She has fostered my independence byprofessedly indulging my love for liberty. Oh, no, sir; frommy childhood I have seen too much, and understood too much,of what has passed around me, for misfortune to have anundue power over me. From my earliest recollections, I havebeen beloved by no one -- so much the worse; that hasnaturally led me to love no one -- so much the better -- nowyou have my profession of faith."
3.  "A cup of chocolate."
4.  "But what have you done?" asked Franz. "Speak out, there's aworthy fellow."
5.  "Alas, sire, it is but too true!" Louis made a gesture ofindescribable anger and alarm, and then drew himself up asif this sudden blow had struck him at the same moment inheart and countenance.
6.  "In favor of some member of your family?"


1.  "Without being so far advanced as that, my dear countess,"returned Franz, "I cannot deny that we have abused his goodnature all day."
2.  "Well," said Beauchamp, "we shall see our friend!"
3.  "Really? What is it?"
4.  "But what does she tell you?"
5.   "I am much obliged by your kind intentions towards me," saidMonte Cristo; "but this morning I purchased a very excellentpair of carriage-horses, and I do not think they were dear.There they are. Come, M. Debray, you are a connoisseur, Ibelieve, let me have your opinion upon them." As Debraywalked towards the window, Danglars approached his wife. "Icould not tell you before others," said he in a low tone,"the reason of my parting with the horses; but a mostenormous price was offered me this morning for them. Somemadman or fool, bent upon ruining himself as fast as he can,actually sent his steward to me to purchase them at anycost; and the fact is, I have gained 16,000 francs by thesale of them. Come, don't look so angry, and you shall have4,000 francs of the money to do what you like with, andEugenie shall have 2,000. There, what do you think now ofthe affair? Wasn't I right to part with the horses?" MadameDanglars surveyed her husband with a look of witheringcontempt.
6.  "I, who have nothing to lose, -- I should go."


1.  "With Albert."
2.  Chapter 94Maximilian's Avowal.
3.  "Oh, yes; oh, yes, I do indeed repent." And he struck hisbreast with his emaciated fist.
4、  "Alas," returned the captain with an accent of the mostprofound pity, "we ought always to help one another. Veryoften the bandits are hard pressed by gendarmes orcarbineers; well, they see a vessel, and good fellows likeus on board, they come and demand hospitality of us; youcan't refuse help to a poor hunted devil; we receive them,and for greater security we stand out to sea. This costs usnothing, and saves the life, or at least the liberty, of afellow-creature, who on the first occasion returns theservice by pointing out some safe spot where we can land ourgoods without interruption."
5、  "He himself."




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      His hair stood on end. He remembered those interestingstories, so little believed in Paris, respecting Romanbandits; he remembered the adventures that Albert de Morcerfhad related when it was intended that he should marryMademoiselle Eugenie. "They are robbers, perhaps," hemuttered. Just then the carriage rolled on something harderthan gravel road. Danglars hazarded a look on both sides ofthe road, and perceived monuments of a singular form, andhis mind now recalled all the details Morcerf had related,and comparing them with his own situation, he felt sure thathe must be on the Appian Way. On the left, in a sort ofvalley, he perceived a circular excavation. It wasCaracalla's circus. On a word from the man who rode at theside of the carriage, it stopped. At the same time the doorwas opened. "Scendi!" exclaimed a commanding voice. Danglarsinstantly descended; although he did not yet speak Italian,he understood it very well. More dead than alive, he lookedaround him. Four men surrounded him, besides the postilion.

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      "He will be here to-night."

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    {  "No matter, I was aware of his intention."

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      "Well, we will go by the Corso. We will send the carriage towait for us on the Piazza del Popolo, by the Strada delBabuino, for I shall be glad to pass, myself, through theCorso, to see if some orders I have given have beenexecuted."}

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      "`I have no reply to make,' said the count in a low tone.

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      "But, excellency" -- said Pastrini, still striving to gainhis point.

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    {  "You have no idea, then, Morrel?" asked Chateau-Renaud; "youdo not propose anything."

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      "Ah, it is really a serious matter, then?" asked themarquis, remarking the cloud on Villefort's brow.