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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Aloft to you we would mount with glee! We wash, and free from all stain arewe, Yet barren evermore must be!
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  With rapid motion from on high, I shot in starry splendour; Now prostrate onthe grass I lie; Who aid will kindly render?
4.  I thank you; for not willingly I traffic with the dead, and still aver That youth'splump blooming cheek I very much prefer. I'm not at home to corpses; 'tis myway, Like cats with captive mice to toy and play.The Lord
5.  To see me thou dost breathe thine invocation, My voice to hear, to gaze uponmy brow; Me doth thy strong entreaty bow Lo! I am here! - What coweringagitation Grasps thee, the demigod! Where's now the soul's deep cry? Whereis the breast, which in its depths a world conceiv'd And bore and cherished?which, with ecstacy, To rank itself with us, the spirits, heaved? Where artthou, Faust? whose voice I heard resound, Who towards me press'd withenergy profound? Art thou he? Thou, - who by my breath art blighted, Who,in his spirit's depths affrighted, Trembles, a crush'd and writhing worm!Faust
6.  Methinks'twere well we pack'd him quietly away.Siebel


1.  Alas! That men should thus be doomed to woe! I for his soul will many arequiem pray.
2.  Wagner
3.  With but seven hours I could succeed; Nor should I want the devil's wile, Soyoung a creature to beguile.
4.  With but seven hours I could succeed; Nor should I want the devil's wile, Soyoung a creature to beguile.
5.  Judex ergo cum sedebit, Quidquid latet adparebit, Nil inultum remanebit.Margaret
6.  No, this new Burgomaster, I like him not, God knows, Now, he's in office,daily more arrogant he grows; And for the town, what doth he do for it? Arenot things worse from day to day? To more restraints we must submit; Andtaxes more than ever pay.


1.  I cannot loose the bands of the avenger, nor withdraw his bolts. - Save her! -Who was it plunged her into perdition? I or thou?(Faust looks wildly around.)
2.  If not a spouse, a gallant let it be. Among heaven's choicest gifts, I place, Sosweet a darling to embrace.
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  And look, my hand doth thine enclose!
5.   If unprepar'd, however, this man drink, He hath not, as you know, an hour tolive.
6.  Faust Soliloquy - Chorus Of Angels


1.  Drive to the devil, thou hellish pest! Why ride so hard?Voice
2.  Nay! trouble not yourself! A hand so coarse, So rude as mine, how can youkiss! What constant work at home must I not do perforce! My mother tooexacting is.
3.  If I am skill'd the countenance to read, He doubtless fabled as he partedhence. "No time had I to gape, or take my ease," he said, "First to getchildren, and then get them bread; And bread, too, in the very widest sense;Nor could I eat in peace even my proper share."Martha
4、  Thanks for your fair salute.
5、  Call not the spirits who on mischief wait! Their troop familiar, streamingthrough the air, From every quarter threaten man's estate, And danger in athousand forms prepare! They drive impetuous from the frozen north, Withfangs sharp - piercing, and keen arrowy tongues; From the ungenial east theyissue forth, And prey, with parching breath, upon thy lungs; If, waft'd on thedesert's flaming wing, They from the south heap fire upon the brain,Refreshment from the west at first they bring, Anon to drown thyself and fieldand plain. In wait for mischief, they are prompt to hear; With guileful purposeour behests obey; Like ministers of grace they oft appear, And lisp likeangels, to betray. But let us hence! Grey eve doth all things blend, The airgrows chill, the mists descend! 'Tis in the evening first our home we prize Whystand you thus, and gaze with wondering eyes? What in the gloom thus movesyou?




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      Who's that, pray?

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      Yes, small our household is, I own, Yet must I see to it. No maid we keep,And I must cook, sew, knit, and sweep, Still early on my feet and late; Mymother is in all things, great and small, So accurate! Not that for thrift there issuch pressing need; Than others we might make more show indeed: My fatherleft behind a small estate, A house and garden near the city - wall. But fairlyquiet now my days, I own; As soldier is my brother gone; My little sister'sdead; the babe to rear Occasion'd me some care and fond annoy; But Iwould go through all again with joy, The darling was to me so dear.Faust

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       I am not used to it, nor can myself degrade So far, as in my hand to take thespade. This narrow life would suit me not at all.Mephistopheles

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      Fortress with turrets And walls high in air, Damsel disdainful, Haughty andfair, There be my prey! Bold is the venture, Costly the pay!Hark how the trumpet Thither doth call us, Where either pleasure Or deathmay befall us. Hail to the tumult! Life's in the field! Damsel and fortress To usmust yield.

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    {  (Exit.)

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      Our throats are tuned. Come let's commence!}

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      (To Frosch)

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      Ay, verily! a corpse's eyes are those, Which there was no fond loving hand toclose. That is the bosom I so fondly press'd, That my sweet Gretchen's form,so oft caress'd!

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       To and fro, Then from durance is he freed! Can ye aid him, spirits all, Leavehim not in mortal thrall! Many a time and oft hath he Served us, when atliberty.

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    {  To - night, I see, I shall in naught succeed; But I'm prepar'd my travels topursue, And hope, before my final step indeed, To triumph over bards anddevils too.

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