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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "M. Morrel, I believe?" said Villefort.
2.  "Is he in bed?"
3.  "He is calling you," said the count; "he to whom you haveconfided your destiny -- he from whom death would haveseparated you, calls you to him. Happily, I vanquisheddeath. Henceforth, Valentine, you will never again beseparated on earth, since he has rushed into death to findyou. Without me, you would both have died. May God accept myatonement in the preservation of these two existences!"
4.  "Exactly; one comes from the Volga, and the other from LakeFusaro."
5.  "Yes, but listen: this was not all. The war with Spain beingended, Fernand's career was checked by the long peace whichseemed likely to endure throughout Europe. Greece only hadrisen against Turkey, and had begun her war of independence;all eyes were turned towards Athens -- it was the fashion topity and support the Greeks. The French government, withoutprotecting them openly, as you know, gave countenance tovolunteer assistance. Fernand sought and obtained leave togo and serve in Greece, still having his name kept on thearmy roll. Some time after, it was stated that the Comte deMorcerf (this was the name he bore) had entered the serviceof Ali Pasha with the rank of instructor-general. Ali Pashawas killed, as you know, but before he died he recompensedthe services of Fernand by leaving him a considerable sum,with which he returned to France, when he was gazettedlieutenant-general."
6.  "Let your excellencies only leave the matter to me,"returned Signor Pastrini in a tone indicative of unboundedself-confidence.


1.  Dantes did not answer; he feared that the emotion of hisvoice would betray him. The jailer went away shaking hishead. Night came; Dantes hoped that his neighbor wouldprofit by the silence to address him, but he was mistaken.The next morning, however, just as he removed his bed fromthe wall, he heard three knocks; he threw himself on hisknees.
2.  "No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances inwhich one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer youthat refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least."
3.  "And does he not live in the Champs-Elysees?"
4.  "Humiliating as such a confession is, I am. But I dined atM. de Villefort's, and lawyers always give you very baddinners. You would think they felt some remorse; did youever remark that?"
5.  "Be as quick as possible, I must be on the road in a quarterof an hour."
6.  This visit had infused new vigor into Dantes; he had, tillthen, forgotten the date; but now, with a fragment ofplaster, he wrote the date, 30th July, 1816, and made a markevery day, in order not to lose his reckoning again. Daysand weeks passed away, then months -- Dantes still waited;he at first expected to be freed in a fortnight. Thisfortnight expired, he decided that the inspector would donothing until his return to Paris, and that he would notreach there until his circuit was finished, he thereforefixed three months; three months passed away, then six more.Finally ten months and a half had gone by and no favorablechange had taken place, and Dantes began to fancy theinspector's visit but a dream, an illusion of the brain.


1.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "and so those gentlemen downthere are men of great talent. I should not have guessed it.And for what kind of talent are they celebrated? You knowthere are different sorts."
2.  "You think? Do not fear; pardieu, we are alone."
3.  "Oh, I am done with considering! I am tired of hearing onlyof market reports, of the end of the month, of the rise andfall of Spanish funds, of Haitian bonds. Instead of that,Louise -- do you understand? -- air, liberty, melody ofbirds, plains of Lombardy, Venetian canals, Roman palaces,the Bay of Naples. How much have we, Louise?" The young girlto whom this question was addressed drew from an inlaidsecretary a small portfolio with a lock, in which shecounted twenty-three bank-notes.
4.  "And he is made a member of the Academy of Sciences forthis?"
5.   Debray was, for a moment, surprised, but immediatelyrecovering himself, he bowed with an air which seemed tosay, "As you please, madame."
6.  "Well, be it so, then. Take it from me then, and so long atleast as I receive my income, you shall be paid yours."


1.  "Ah," said the inspector, "you have not the latest news fromItaly?"
2.  "That is very simple." Andrea took the pen. "On the firststory, do you see, there is the anteroom and thedrawing-room; to the right of the drawing-room, a libraryand a study; to the left, a bedroom and a dressing-room. Thefamous secretary is in the dressing-room."
3.  In a quarter of an hour the porter returned with a post-boyand horses, which were harnessed, and put in the post-chaisein a minute, while the porter fastened the portmanteau onwith the assistance of a cord and strap. "Here is thepassport," said the postilion, "which way are we going,young gentleman?"
4、  "That is impossible."
5、  "He is a charming young man," said Monte Cristo "and I felta lively interest in him the very first evening of myintroduction, when I met him in search of a supper, andprevailed upon him to accept a portion of mine. He is, Ithink, the son of General d'Epinay?"




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      "Oh, that depends upon circumstances. I know an Italianprince, rich as a gold mine, one of the noblest families inTuscany, who, when his sons married according to his wish,gave them millions; and when they married against hisconsent, merely allowed them thirty crowns a month. ShouldAndrea marry according to his father's views, he will,perhaps, give him one, two, or three millions. For example,supposing it were the daughter of a banker, he might take aninterest in the house of the father-in-law of his son; thenagain, if he disliked his choice, the major takes the key,double-locks his coffer, and Master Andrea would be obligedto live like the sons of a Parisian family, by shufflingcards or rattling the dice."

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      "I do."

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       "Maximilian," said the count, "let us both lay aside themask we have assumed. You no more deceive me with that falsecalmness than I impose upon you with my frivoloussolicitude. You can understand, can you not, that to haveacted as I have done, to have broken that glass, to haveintruded on the solitude of a friend -- you can understandthat, to have done all this, I must have been actuated byreal uneasiness, or rather by a terrible conviction. Morrel,you are going to destroy yourself!"

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      "Ma foi, no," returned Albert. "But I am really glad to haveseen such a sight; and I understand what the count said --that when you have once habituated yourself to a similarspectacle, it is the only one that causes you any emotion."

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    {  "Gracious heavens, M. de Villefort," said Renee, becomingmore and more terrified; "you surely are not in earnest."

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      Haidee looked up abruptly, as if the sonorous tones of MonteCristo's voice had awakened her from a dream; and sheresumed her narrative. "It was about four o'clock in theafternoon, and although the day was brilliant out-of-doors,we were enveloped in the gloomy darkness of the cavern. Onesingle, solitary light was burning there, and it appearedlike a star set in a heaven of blackness; it was Selim'sflaming lance. My mother was a Christian, and she prayed.Selim repeated from time to time the sacred words: `God isgreat!' However, my mother had still some hope. As she wascoming down, she thought she recognized the French officerwho had been sent to Constantinople, and in whom my fatherplaced so much confidence; for he knew that all the soldiersof the French emperor were naturally noble and generous. Sheadvanced some steps towards the staircase, and listened.`They are approaching,' said she; `perhaps they bring uspeace and liberty!' -- `What do you fear, Vasiliki?' saidSelim, in a voice at once so gentle and yet so proud. `Ifthey do not bring us peace, we will give them war; if theydo not bring life, we will give them death.' And he renewedthe flame of his lance with a gesture which made one thinkof Dionysus of Crete.* But I, being only a little child, wasterrified by this undaunted courage, which appeared to meboth ferocious and senseless, and I recoiled with horrorfrom the idea of the frightful death amidst fire and flameswhich probably awaited us.}

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      Having seen Jacopo fairly out of the harbor, Dantesproceeded to make his final adieus on board The YoungAmelia, distributing so liberal a gratuity among her crew asto secure for him the good wishes of all, and expressions ofcordial interest in all that concerned him. To the captainhe promised to write when he had made up his mind as to hisfuture plans. Then Dantes departed for Genoa. At the momentof his arrival a small yacht was under trial in the bay;this yacht had been built by order of an Englishman, who,having heard that the Genoese excelled all other buildersalong the shores of the Mediterranean in the construction offast-sailing vessels, was desirous of possessing a specimenof their skill; the price agreed upon between the Englishmanand the Genoese builder was forty thousand francs. Dantes,struck with the beauty and capability of the little vessel,applied to its owner to transfer it to him, offering sixtythousand francs, upon condition that he should be allowed totake immediate possession. The proposal was too advantageousto be refused, the more so as the person for whom the yachtwas intended had gone upon a tour through Switzerland, andwas not expected back in less than three weeks or a month,by which time the builder reckoned upon being able tocomplete another. A bargain was therefore struck. Dantes ledthe owner of the yacht to the dwelling of a Jew; retiredwith the latter for a few minutes to a small back parlor,and upon their return the Jew counted out to the shipbuilderthe sum of sixty thousand francs in bright gold pieces.

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      "How can he be the son of a great lord?"

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       "But not mine, mother," replied Albert. "I am young andstrong; I believe I am courageous, and since yesterday Ihave learned the power of will. Alas, my dear mother, somehave suffered so much, and yet live, and have raised a newfortune on the ruin of all the promises of happiness whichheaven had made them -- on the fragments of all the hopewhich God had given them! I have seen that, mother; I knowthat from the gulf in which their enemies have plunged themthey have risen with so much vigor and glory that in theirturn they have ruled their former conquerors, and havepunished them. No. mother; from this moment I have done withthe past, and accept nothing from it -- not even a name,because you can understand that your son cannot bear thename of a man who ought to blush for it before another."

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    {  "Well, I should think so, since the count has found him afalse father -- since the count gives him four thousandfrancs a month, and leaves him 500,000 francs in his will."

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      "Caninus surdis," replied the king, continuing theannotations in his Horace.