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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of certain expenses he has contracted."
2.  "Never mind. Let us return to your apartment. We shall be saferthere than in the doorway."
3.  "Oh, you do quite right, monsieur."
4.  "Doubtless. Has he not seen Monsieur d'Artagnan at my house?""Oh, yes, yes; you are right. Thus all may go well--all may be for thebest; but we do not go far from this place?"
5.  "But, my Lord, if the Lord Chancellor interrogates me upon themotives which may have led your Grace to adopt such anextraordinary measure, what shall I reply?"
6.  "It is not necessary for Milady* to be seen by this fellow,"continued the stranger. "She will soon pass; she is alreadylate. I had better get on horseback, and go and meet her. Ishould like, however, to know what this letter addressed toTreville contains."


1.  The color mounted to the face of Athos, and he made a step towardhis Eminence.
2.  "Not so, for it is religious," replied Aramis; "it is theology inverse."
3.  "My Lord, By that which, since I have known you, have suffered by youand for you, I conjure you, if you have any care for my repose, tocountermand those great armaments which you are preparing againstFrance, to put an end to a war of which it is publicly said religion isthe ostensible cause, and of which, it is generally whispered, your lovefor me is the concealed cause. This war may not only bring greatcatastrophes upon England and France, but misfortune upon you, my Lord,for which I should never console myself.
4.  Milady waited, then, with much impatience, for she feared the daywould pass away without her seeing Felton again. At last, in anhour after the scene we have just described, she heard someonespeaking in a low voice at the door. Presently the door opened,and she perceived Felton.
5.  Then that which spurred her on additionally in the midst of allthis was the remembrance of the cardinal. What must themistrustful, restless, suspicious cardinal think of her silence--the cardinal, not merely her only support, her only prop, heronly protector at present, but still further, the principalinstrument of her future fortune and vengeance? She knew him;she knew that at her return from a fruitless journey it would bein vain to tell him of her imprisonment, in vain to enlarge uponthe sufferings she had undergone. The cardinal would reply, withthe sarcastic calmness of the skeptic, strong at once by powerand genius, "You should not have allowed yourself to be taken."Then Milady collected all her energies, murmuring in the depthsof her soul the name of Felton--the only beam of light thatpenetrated to her in the hell into which she had fallen; and likea serpent which folds and unfolds its rings to ascertain itsstrength, she enveloped Felton beforehand in the thousand meshesof her inventive imagination.
6.  "Oh," said Milady, raising herself, "I defy you to find any tribunalwhich pronounced that infamous sentence against me. I defy you to findhim who executed it."


1.  "Or the mysterious benefactress," said Athos.
2.  "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"
3.  "Ah, yes! Dear friend to an Englishman," interrupted Athos;"well commenced! Bravo, D'Artagnan! Only with that wordyou would be quartered instead of being broken on thewheel."
4.  D'Artagnan took advantage of the lamp which burned in the cabinof the ferryman to read the billet of Mme. Bonacieux once again,and satisfy himself that he had not been mistaken, that theappointment was at St. Cloud and not elsewhere, before theD'Estrees's pavilion and not in another street. Everythingconspired to prove to D'Artagnan that his presentiments had notdeceived him, and that a great misfortune had happened.He again ran back to the chateau. It appeared to him thatsomething might have happened at the pavilion in his absence, andthat fresh information awaited him. The lane was still deserted,and the same calm soft light shone through the window.D'Artagnan then thought of that cottage, silent and obscure,which had no doubt seen all, and could tell its tale. The gateof the enclosure was shut; but he leaped over the hedge, and inspite of the barking of a chained-up dog, went up to the cabin.No one answered to his first knocking. A silence of deathreigned in the cabin as in the pavilion; but as the cabin was hislast resource, he knocked again.
5.   "There is no harm in trying to buy things cheap, MonsieurPorthos," said the procurator's wife, seeking to excuseherself.
6.  "By five minutes."


1.  The four friends, during the period of these two absences,had, as may well be supposed, the eye on the watch, the noseto the wind, and the ear on the hark. Their days werepassed in endeavoring to catch all that was said, inobserving the proceeding of the cardinal, and in looking outfor all the couriers who arrived. More than once aninvoluntary trembling seized them when called upon for someunexpected service. They had, besides, to look constantlyto their own proper safety; Milday was a phantom which, whenit had once appeared to people, did not allow them to sleepvery quietly.
2.  Immediately, without any order being given or his place ofdestination indicated, the coachman set off at a rapid pace, andplunged into the streets of the city.
3.  "The devil!" said Athos; "here's a rendezvous much moreserious than the other."
4、  "I will continue, then," resumed Aramis. "This niece comessometimes to see her uncle; and by chance was there yesterday atthe same time that I was, and it was my duty to offer to conducther to her carriage."
5、  "Why so?"




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      "Everything is paid," replied the host, "and liberally. Begone,and may God guide you!"

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      "Of the--" D'Artagnan checked himself.

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       "Arrest the Duke! Arrest the prime minister of King Charles I!Think of it, sire! What a scandal! And if the suspicions ofyour Majesty, which I still continue to doubt, should prove tohave any foundation, what a terrible disclosure, what a fearfulscandal!"

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      "Yes, monseigneur. Now let us return to the mission withwhich you wish to charge me; and as I desire to continue tomerit the confidence of your Eminence, deign to unfold it tome in terms clear and precise, that I may not commit anerror."

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    {  "No, if it does not lighten."

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      "Endeavor not to make me wait; for at quarter past twelve I willcut off your ears as you run."}

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      "To be sure; for Monsieur de Wardes."

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      "You shall know."

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       >From that time, D'Artagnan had been cautious with respect tohandkerchiefs with arms on them, and he therefore placed in thepocket of Mme. Bonacieux the one he had just picked up.At that moment Mme. Bonacieux recovered her senses. She openedher eyes, looked around her with terror, saw that the apartmentwas empty and that she was alone with her liberator. Sheextended her hands to him with a smile. Mme. Bonacieux had thesweetest smile in the world.

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    {  "A person who takes more interest in you than she is willingto confess wishes to know on what day it will suit you towalk in the forest? Tomorrow, at the Hotel Field of theCloth of Gold, a lackey in black and red will wait for yourreply."

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      "God has so willed it!" said he, with the resignation of a fanatic; butwithout, however, being able to take his eyes from that ship, on boardof which he doubtless fancied he could distinguish the white outline ofher to whom he had sacrificed his life.