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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Madame," interrupted the count, taking her two hands inhis, "all that you could say in words would never expresswhat I read in your eyes; the thoughts of your heart arefully understood by mine. Like benefactors in romances, Ishould have left you without seeing you again, but thatwould have been a virtue beyond my strength, because I am aweak and vain man, fond of the tender, kind, and thankfulglances of my fellow-creatures. On the eve of departure Icarry my egotism so far as to say, `Do not forget me, mykind friends, for probably you will never see me again.'"
2.  Andrea was indebted for this visit to the followingcircumstances. At daybreak, the telegraphs were set at workin all directions, and almost immediately the authorities inevery district had exerted their utmost endeavors to arrestthe murderer of Caderousse. Compiegne, that royal residenceand fortified town, is well furnished with authorities,gendarmes, and commissaries of police; they therefore beganoperations as soon as the telegraphic despatch arrived, andthe Bell and Bottle being the best-known hotel in the town,they had naturally directed their first inquiries there.
3.  "Well, let us be sure of that." Bertuccio sighed, and wenton first; the stairs did, indeed, lead to the garden. At theouter door the steward paused. "Go on, Monsieur Bertuccio,"said the count. But he who was addressed stood there,stupefied, bewildered, stunned; his haggard eyes glancedaround, as if in search of the traces of some terribleevent, and with his clinched hands he seemed striving toshut out horrible recollections. "Well," insisted the Count."No, no," cried Bertuccio, setting down the lantern at theangle of the interior wall. "No, monsieur, it is impossible;I can go no farther."
4.  Franz again interrupted himself, and wiped the cold dropsfrom his brow; there was something awful in hearing the sonread aloud in trembling pallor these details of his father'sdeath, which had hitherto been a mystery. Valentine claspedher hands as if in prayer. Noirtier looked at Villefort withan almost sublime expression of contempt and pride. Franzcontinued: --
5.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "you would not like me to risk takingcold?"
6.  M. de Blacas returned as speedily as he had departed, but inthe ante-chamber he was forced to appeal to the king'sauthority. Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which wasnot of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M. deBreze, who was all astonishment at finding that this youngman had the audacity to enter before the king in suchattire. The duke, however, overcame all difficulties with aword -- his majesty's order; and, in spite of theprotestations which the master of ceremonies made for thehonor of his office and principles, Villefort wasintroduced.


1.  "No, my dear fellow, it is not at all incredible. You sawthe child pass through the Rue Richelieu last year, whoamused himself with killing his brothers and sisters bysticking pins in their ears while they slept. The generationwho follow us are very precocious."
2.  "Oh, yes; and they may have the fact attested whenever theyplease."
3.  "Unfortunately, Edmond is dead, and has not pardoned me."
4.  "Oh, you encourage me, and something tells me there,"placing his hand on his heart, "that I ought to have nosecret from you."
5.  "Was ordered to remain at Martigues."
6.  "If he has forgotten you" --


1.  "True," said the major, "there might be doubts raised."
2.  Chapter 86The Trial.
3.  "Thank you, I have just returned from sea."
4.  "How? Do you not comprehend?"
5.   "Your ruin? I accelerate your ruin? What do you mean? I donot understand you."
6.  "Certainly," replied Albert, "seeing that without my title Ishould be nothing; while you, sacrificing the baron, wouldstill remain the millionaire."


1.  "You must be mad, my friend," said the baroness.
2.  "Precisely so; and it conveyed me from Nice to Genoa, fromGenoa to Turin, from Turin to Chambery, from Chambery toPont-de-Beauvoisin, and from Pont-de-Beauvoisin to Paris."
3.  "Have you mentioned this death in your paper?"
4、  "I learned so much at Marseilles," replied the abbe, makinga strong effort to appear indifferent; "but from the lengthof time that has elapsed since the death of the elderDantes, I was unable to obtain any particulars of his end.Can you enlighten me on that point?"
5、  "But still, if Albert be not so rich as MademoiselleDanglars," said the count, "you must allow that he has afine name?"




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      "Most assuredly," responded Madame de Villefort in the sametone. "As for me, so nervous, and so subject to faintingfits, I should require a Doctor Adelmonte to invent for mesome means of breathing freely and tranquillizing my mind,in the fear I have of dying some fine day of suffocation. Inthe meanwhile, as the thing is difficult to find in France,and your abbe is not probably disposed to make a journey toParis on my account, I must continue to use MonsieurPlanche's anti-spasmodics; and mint and Hoffman's drops areamong my favorite remedies. Here are some lozenges which Ihave made up on purpose; they are compounded doubly strong."Monte Cristo opened the tortoise-shell box, which the ladypresented to him, and inhaled the odor of the lozenges withthe air of an amateur who thoroughly appreciated theircomposition. "They are indeed exquisite," he said; "but asthey are necessarily submitted to the process of deglutition-- a function which it is frequently impossible for afainting person to accomplish -- I prefer my own specific."

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      The prisoner's first feeling was of joy at again breathingthe pure air -- for air is freedom; but he soon sighed, forhe passed before La Reserve, where he had that morning beenso happy, and now through the open windows came the laughterand revelry of a ball. Dantes folded his hands, raised hiseyes to heaven, and prayed fervently.

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       "There are few ports that I could not enter or leave with abandage over my eyes."

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      "He was a shepherd-boy attached to the farm of the Count ofSan-Felice, situated between Palestrina and the lake ofGabri; he was born at Pampinara, and entered the count'sservice when he was five years old; his father was also ashepherd, who owned a small flock, and lived by the wool andthe milk, which he sold at Rome. When quite a child, thelittle Vampa displayed a most extraordinary precocity. Oneday, when he was seven years old, he came to the curate ofPalestrina, and asked to be taught to read; it was somewhatdifficult, for he could not quit his flock; but the goodcurate went every day to say mass at a little hamlet toopoor to pay a priest and which, having no other name, wascalled Borgo; he told Luigi that he might meet him on hisreturn, and that then he would give him a lesson, warninghim that it would be short, and that he must profit as muchas possible by it. The child accepted joyfully. Every dayLuigi led his flock to graze on the road that leads fromPalestrina to Borgo; every day, at nine o'clock in themorning, the priest and the boy sat down on a bank by thewayside, and the little shepherd took his lesson out of thepriest's breviary. At the end of three months he had learnedto read. This was not enough -- he must now learn to write.The priest had a writing teacher at Rome make threealphabets -- one large, one middling, and one small; andpointed out to him that by the help of a sharp instrument hecould trace the letters on a slate, and thus learn to write.The same evening, when the flock was safe at the farm, thelittle Luigi hastened to the smith at Palestrina, took alarge nail, heated and sharpened it, and formed a sort ofstylus. The next morning he gathered an armful of pieces ofslate and began. At the end of three months he had learnedto write. The curate, astonished at his quickness andintelligence, made him a present of pens, paper, and apenknife. This demanded new effort, but nothing compared tothe first; at the end of a week he wrote as well with thispen as with the stylus. The curate related the incident tothe Count of San-Felice, who sent for the little shepherd,made him read and write before him, ordered his attendant tolet him eat with the domestics, and to give him two piastresa month. With this, Luigi purchased books and pencils. Heapplied his imitative powers to everything, and, likeGiotto, when young, he drew on his slate sheep, houses, andtrees. Then, with his knife, he began to carve all sorts ofobjects in wood; it was thus that Pinelli, the famoussculptor, had commenced.

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    {  "Ah, it is No, then?"

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      "For five hundred thousand."}

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      "What is that?" asked the young man.

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      "Sure of what?"

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       "Something to drink."

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    {  "Oh, come, then, come!" cried she, hastening away with theyoung man. During this time, Madame Morrel had told her soneverything. The young man knew quite well that, after thesuccession of misfortunes which had befallen his father,great changes had taken place in the style of living andhousekeeping; but he did not know that matters had reachedsuch a point. He was thunderstruck. Then, rushing hastilyout of the apartment, he ran up-stairs, expecting to findhis father in his study, but he rapped there in vain.

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      "Quite, quite alone," replied the man -- "or, at least,practically so, for my poor wife, who is the only person inthe house besides myself, is laid up with illness, andunable to render me the least assistance, poor thing!"