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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Give him to me. Nobody knows him. I will leave him at the place Iquit, and he will conduct you to me."
2.  But amid all this he perceived, with a feeling of real joy,that the queen must have discovered the prison in which poorMme. Bonacieux was explaining her devotion, and that she hadfreed her from that prison; and the letter he had receivedfrom the young woman, and her passage along the road ofChaillot like an apparition, were now explained.
3.  The host had reckoned upon eleven days of confinement at a crowna day, but he had reckoned without his guest. On the followingmorning at five o'clock D'Artagnan arose, and descending to thekitchen without help, asked, among other ingredients the list ofwhich has not come down to us, for some oil, some wine, and somerosemary, and with his mother's recipe in his hand composed abalsam, with which he anointed his numerous wounds, replacing hisbandages himself, and positively refusing the assistance of anydoctor, D'Artagnan walked about that same evening, and was almostcured by the morrow.
4.  "We thought so, too, monsieur. As our house is carried on veryregularly, and we make out our bills every week, at the end ofeight days we presented our account; but it appeared we hadchosen an unlucky moment, for at the first word on the subject,he sent us to all the devils. It is true he had been playing theday before."
5.  At the expiration of an hour, Felton tapped again.Milady sprang out of bed and opened the window. Two bars removedformed an opening for a man to pass through.
6.  "Monsieur!" said the young woman, supplicating him and claspingher hands together, "monsieur, in the name of heaven, by thehonor of a soldier, by the courtesy of a gentleman, depart!There, there midnight sounds! That is the hour when I amexpected."


1.  "You must give your recipe to Planchet. I may be besieged in myturn, and I shall not be sorry for him to be able to let me enjoythe same advantages with which you gratify your master.""Lord, monsieur! There is nothing more easy," said Mousqueton,with a modest air. "One only needs to be sharp, that's all. Iwas brought up in the country, and my father in his leisure timewas something of a poacher."
2.  "But what is the matter with my hands!" asked Milady; "it seemsas if my wrists had been crushed in a vice."
3.  "Well," said Porthos, "this is my advice--"
4.  "And you were wrong, madame. If I made you that present it wasthat you might adorn yourself therewith. I tell you that youwere wrong."
5.  Nothing makes time pass more quickly or more shortens a journeythan a thought which absorbs in itself all the faculties of theorganization of him who thinks. External existence thenresembles a sleep of which this thought is the dream. By itsinfluence, time has no longer measure, space has no longerdistance. We depart from one place, and arrive at another, thatis all. Of the interval passed, nothing remains in the memorybut a vague mist in which a thousand confused images of trees,mountains, and landscapes are lost. It was as a prey to thishallucination that D'Artagnan traveled, at whatever pace hishorse pleased, the six or eight leagues that separated Chantillyfrom Crevecoeur, without his being able to remember on hisarrival in the village any of the things he had passed or metwith on the road.
6.  "How, madame," said she, "I have scarcely seen you, and you alreadywish to deprive me of your company, upon which I had counted a little, Imust confess, for the time I have to pass here?"


1.  To the lions the martyr be thrown!
2.  The novice sat down.
3.  "If you had been contented with drinking, well and good; but youhave broken all the bottles."
4.  "It's worth eighty. Take it, and there ends the matter.""What," cried Athos, "are you selling my horse--my Bajazet? Andpray upon what shall I make my campaign; upon Grimaud?""I have brought you another," said D'Artagnan.
5.   "If you had been contented with drinking, well and good; but youhave broken all the bottles."
6.  "Ah, you are quite the pet of the ladies, Monsieur Porthos!"resumed the procurator's wife, with a sigh.


1.  Grimaud contented himself with pointing D'Artagnan out tohis master with his finger.
2.  "Listen, Milady," said the cardinal, "the affair isimportant. Sit down, and let us talk it over."
3.  "What love?" asked the young girl.
4、  "Give it to me," said the duke.
5、  "It is indeed a favor, young man," replied M. de Treville, "butit may not be so far beyond your hopes as you believe, or ratheras you appear to believe. But his majesty's decision is alwaysnecessary; and I inform you with regret that no one becomes aMusketeer without the preliminary ordeal of several campaigns,certain brilliant actions, or a service of two years in someother regiment less favored than ours."




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      "Farewell, then, or rather, AU REVOIR!"

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      "Well, reveal your secret to him, and ask him whether, howeverimportant, however valuable, however terrible it may be, you maynot confide it to me."

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       "He sets sail tomorrow! Where for?"

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      "Does your Eminence doubt my word?" said Treville, with a browflushed with anger.

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    {  At length he raised his head, fixed his eagle look upon that loyal,open, and intelligent countenance, read upon that face, furrowed withtears, all the sufferings its possessor had endured in the course of amonth, and reflected for the third or fourth time how much there was inthat youth of twenty-one years before him, and what resources hisactivity, his courage, and his shrewdness might offer to a good master.On the other side, the crimes, the power, and the infernal genius ofMilady had more than once terrified him. He felt something like asecret joy at being forever relieved of this dangerous accomplice.Richelieu slowly tore the paper which D'Artagnan had generouslyrelinquished.

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      Mme. Coquenard recognized her present, and could not atfirst comprehend this restitution; but the visit of Porthossoon enlightened her. The anger which fired the eyes of theMusketeer, in spite of his efforts to suppress it, terrifiedhis sensitive inamorata. In fact, Mousqueton had notconcealed from his master that he had met D'Artagnan andAramis, and that D'Artagnan in the yellow horse hadrecognized the Bearnese pony upon which he had come toParis, and which he had sold for three crowns.}

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      "Come, then, let us go to your friend's house. Where does helive?"

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      As Porthos and Aramis were undressing him, in the hope offinding his wound not mortal, a large purse dropped from hisclothes. D'Artagnan picked it up and offered it to Lord deWinter.

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       When landing at Portsmouth, Milady was an Englishwoman whom thepersecutions of the French drove from La Rochelle; when landing atBoulogne, after a two days' passage, she passed for a Frenchwoman whomthe English persecuted at Portsmouth out of their hatred for France.Milady had, likewise, the best of passports-her beauty, her nobleappearance, and the liberality with which she distribute her pistoles.Freed from the usual formalities by the affable smile and gallantmanners of an old governor of the port, who kissed her hand, she onlyremained long enough at Boulogne to put into the post a letter,conceived in the following terms:

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    {  D'Artagnan fell at the feet of the cardinal.

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      At length Felton, who had not yet looked at Milady, turned towardher.