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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You don't know how to run a car," rejoined the voice.
2.  "I will," said Hurstwood, standing back, and feeling intenserelief at her going. He was so ashamed that he folded his handsweakly, as he sat in the chair afterwards, and thought.
3.  "Well?" he said, not venturing to ask what news.
4.  "Are you a stenographer or typewriter?"
5.  "All alone?" she said.
6.  "Mind how you address me, missy. I'll not have it. Hear me now;I'll not have it!"


1.  Each day he could read in the evening papers of the doings withinthis walled city. In the notices of passengers for Europe heread the names of eminent frequenters of his old resort. In thetheatrical column appeared, from time to time, announcements ofthe latest successes of men he had known. He knew that they wereat their old gayeties. Pullmans were hauling them to and froabout the land, papers were greeting them with interestingmentions, the elegant lobbies of hotels and the glow of polisheddining-rooms were keeping them close within the walled city. Menwhom he had known, men whom he had tipped glasses with--rich men,and he was forgotten! Who was Mr. Wheeler? What was the WarrenStreet resort? Bah!
2.  "Like what?" said Carrie, unwitting of what was coming.
3.  "Well, when he does come we'll call him in."
4.  When a girl leaves her home at eighteen, she does one of twothings. Either she falls into saving hands and becomes better,or she rapidly assumes the cosmopolitan standard of virtue andbecomes worse. Of an intermediate balance, under thecircumstances, there is no possibility. The city has its cunningwiles, no less than the infinitely smaller and more humantempter. There are large forces which allure with all thesoulfulness of expression possible in the most cultured human.The gleam of a thousand lights is often as effective as thepersuasive light in a wooing and fascinating eye. Half theundoing of the unsophisticated and natural mind is accomplishedby forces wholly superhuman. A blare of sound, a roar of life, avast array of human hives, appeal to the astonished senses inequivocal terms. Without a counsellor at hand to whispercautious interpretations, what falsehoods may not these thingsbreathe into the unguarded ear! Unrecognised for what they are,their beauty, like music, too often relaxes, then weakens, thenperverts the simpler human perceptions.
5.  "Well, we ate it," said Hurstwood.


1.  He chatted on at a great rate, asking questions, explainingthings about himself, telling her what a good restaurant it was,until the waiter returned with an immense tray, bearing the hotsavoury dishes which had been ordered. Drouet fairly shone inthe matter of serving. He appeared to great advantage behind thewhite napery and silver platters of the table and displaying hisarms with a knife and fork. As he cut the meat his rings almostspoke. His new suit creaked as he stretched to reach the plates,break the bread, and pour the coffee. He helped Carrie to arousing plateful and contributed the warmth of his spirit to herbody until she was a new girl. He was a splendid fellow in thetrue popular understanding of the term, and captivated Carriecompletely.
2.  "Yes."
3.  Mrs. Hurstwood bit her lip.
4.  "They say you can get things lots cheaper there."
5.   "Tell me," he said, richly, drawing her so close that their lipswere near together. He pressed her hand warmly, and thenreleased it to touch her cheek.
6.  "Are you a stenographer or typewriter?"


1.  "I will," said a voice.
2.  But she was alone. That was the greater thought just at present.How about that? Would she go out to work again? Would she beginto look around in the business district? The stage! Oh, yes.Drouet had spoken about that. Was there any hope there? Shemoved to and fro, in deep and varied thoughts, while the minutesslipped away and night fell completely. She had had nothing toeat, and yet there she sat, thinking it over.
3.  "We think we'll do very well," Mr. Quincel replied. "Don't youforget now," he concluded, Drouet showing signs of restlessness;"some young woman to take the part of Laura."
4、  She looked at his hand.
5、  "Well," said the manager, "I hope they make a success of it.Have another?"




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      An office boy approached her.

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      "You don't say so! How did that happen?"

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       "Well, then, what makes you look so?"

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      "You can have it if you want it," he remarked.

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    {  "Well," he said, looking the drummer over, "rosy as ever, eh?"

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      One day, in the middle of the winter, the sharpest spell of theseason set in. It broke grey and cold in the first day, and onthe second snowed. Poor luck pursuing him, he had secured butten cents by nightfall, and this he had spent for food. Atevening he found himself at the Boulevard and Sixty-seventhStreet, where he finally turned his face Bowery-ward. Especiallyfatigued because of the wandering propensity which had seized himin the morning, he now half dragged his wet feet, shuffling thesoles upon the sidewalk. An old, thin coat was turned up abouthis red ears--his cracked derby hat was pulled down until itturned them outward. His hands were in his pockets.}

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      "You have a bath there," said he. "Now you can clean up when youget ready."

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      "Don't kick, old man," remarked the manager. "If it don't go thefirst week we will cut it out."

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       "Can't you make him?" said Carrie.

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    {  "And I'm telling you," he said in the end, slightly recoveringhimself, "what you'll not get."

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      "She's making more than she says," thought Hurstwood. "She saysshe's making twelve, but that wouldn't buy all those things. Idon't care. Let her keep her money. I'll get something againone of these days. Then she can go to the deuce."