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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The second man was a long, dried-up creature, with lank hair andsallow cheeks. His name was Hugh Pattins. He also received hisdismissal, his half-sovereign, and the order to wait.
2.  Mr. Jabez Wilson started up in his chair, with his forefingerupon the paper, but his eyes upon my companion.
3.  "No doubt it was foolish of me to threaten a brave man likeyourself."
4.  "Very good. I want to start by the 11:10 from Waterloo.""That would give me time."
5.  1913
6.  We had not long to wait. The very next train roared from thetunnel as before, but slowed in the open, and then, with a creaking ofbrakes, pulled up immediately beneath us. It was not four feet fromthe window-ledge to the roof of the carriages. Holmes softly closedthe window.


1.  "'"We will see what the doctor says," I answered. "You must stopwork now, and when you go downstairs just say that I wish to seeBrunton."
2.  "Perhaps I had best say a few words first," said the vicar, "andthen you can judge if you will listen to the details from Mr.Tregennis, or whether we should not hasten at once to the scene ofthis mysterious affair. I may explain, then, that our friend herespent last evening in the company of his two brothers, Owen andGeorge, and of his sister Brenda, at their house of Tredannick Wartha,which is near the old stone cross upon the moor. He left themshortly after ten o'clock, playing cards round the dining-roomtable, in excellent health and spirits. This morning, being an earlyriser, he walked in that direction before breakfast and wasovertaken by the carriage of Dr. Richards, who explained that he hadjust been sent for on a most urgent call to Tredannick Wartha. Mr.Mortimer Tregennis naturally went with him. When he arrived atTredannick Wartha he found an extraordinary state of things. His twobrothers and his sister were seated round the table exactly as hehad left them, the cards still spread in front of them and the candlesburned down to their sockets. The sister lay back stone-dead in herchair, while the two brothers sat on each side of her laughing,shouting, and singing, the senses stricken clean out of them. Allthree of them, the dead woman and the two demented men, retainedupon their faces an expression of the utmost horror- a convulsion ofterror which was dreadful to look upon. There was no sign of thepresence of anyone in the house, except Mrs. Porter, the old cookand housekeeper, who declared that she had slept deeply and heard nosound during the night. Nothing had been stolen or disarranged, andthere is absolutely no explanation of what the horror can be which hasfrightened a woman to death and two strong men out of their senses.There is the situation, Mr. Holmes, in a nutshell, and if you can helpus to clear it up you will have done a great work."
3.  He gave no explanations and I asked for none. By long experience Ihad learned the wisdom of obedience. But when I had left his room Iwalked down Baker Street, revolving in my head how on earth I was tocarry out so strange an order. Finally I drove to the London Libraryin St. James's Square, put the matter to my friend Lomax, thesublibrarian, and departed to my rooms with a goodly volume under myarm.
4.  "You can't bluff me, Count Sylvius." Holmes's eyes, as he gazed athim, contracted and lightened until they were like two menacing pointsof steel. "You are absolute plate-glass. I see to the very back ofyour mind."
5.  As to the special cause of my leaving, it is not merely the strainedsituation with Mr. Carruthers, but it is the reappearance of thatodious man, Mr. Woodley. He was always hideous, but he looks moreawful than ever now, for he appears to have had an accident and heis much disfigured. I saw him out of the window, but I am glad tosay I did not meet him. He had a long talk with Mr. Carruthers, whoseemed much excited afterwards. Woodley must be staying in theneighbourhood, for he did not sleep here, and yet I caught a glimpseof him again this morning, slinking about in the shrubbery. I wouldsooner have a savage wild animal loose about the place. I loathe andfear him more than I can say. How can Mr. Carruthers endure such acreature for a moment? However, all my troubles will be over onSaturday.
6.  "Look at this map. This dark square is the Priory School. I'll put apin in it. Now, this line is the main road. You see that it runseast and west past the school, and you see also that there is noside road for a mile either way. If these two folk passed away byroad, it was this road." (See illustration.)


1.  "'Ah, very well; then that quite settles the matter. It is a pity,because in other respects you would really have done very nicely. Inthat case, Miss Stoper, I had best inspect a few more of your youngladies.'
2.  "Yes, sir, only once."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "That was in all the dailies. No answer."
5.   "Then I think we had better hear their story at once."
6.  "Just once more, gentlemen, and all together."


1.  "Well, did you see him, Watson?"
2.  "You mean to Norwood," said Lestrade.
3.  "Your hands, my dear sir. Your right hand is quite a sizelarger than your left. You have worked with it, and the musclesare more developed."
4、  "This was found between the finger and thumb of the dead man. Itappears to be a fragment torn from a larger sheet. You will observethat the hour mentioned upon it is the very time at which the poorfellow met his fate. You see that his murderer might have torn therest of the sheet from him or he might have taken this fragment fromthe murderer. It reads almost as though it were an appointment."Holmes took up the scrap of paper, a facsimile of which is herereproduced.
5、  "Whom do you suspect?" he asked.




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      Holmes looked at her with great interest.

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      "I stood up and examined the rocky wall behind me. In yourpicturesque account of the matter, which I read with great interestsome months later, you assert that the wall was sheer. That was notliterally true. A few small footholds presented themselves, andthere was some indication of a ledge. The cliff is so high that toclimb it all was an obvious impossibility, and it was equallyimpossible to make my way along the wet path without leaving sometracks. I might, it is true, have reversed my boots, as I have done onsimilar occasions, but the sight of three sets of tracks in onedirection would certainly have suggested a deception. On the whole,then, it was best that I should risk the climb. It was not apleasant business, Watson. The fall roared beneath me. I am not afanciful person, but I give you my word that I seemed to hearMoriarty's voice screaming at me out of the abyss. A mistake wouldhave been fatal. More than once, as tufts of grass came out in my handor my foot slipped in the wet notches of the rock, I thought that Iwas gone. But I struggled upward, and at last I reached a ledgeseveral feet deep and covered with soft green moss, where I couldlie unseen, in the most perfect comfort. There I was stretched, whenyou, my dear Watson, and all your following were investigating inthe most sympathetic and inefficient manner the circumstances of mydeath.

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       "Exactly. So I imagined."

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      "Sit down, sir, sit down! There was another, more practical, reason.I want that yellow diamond!"

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    {  Gilchrist pointed to Bannister.

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      "I think it is very probable."}

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      "And what became of the bust?" asked Holmes, after a careful studyof this picture.

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      "Dispatched at 2:10 from Little Purlington," said Holmes. "LittlePurlington is in Essex, I believe, not far from Frinton. Well, ofcourse you will start at once. This is evidently from a responsibleperson, the vicar of the place. Where is my Crockford? Yes, here wehave him: J.C. Elman, M.A., Living of Moosmoor cum Little Purlington.'Look up the trains, Watson."

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       "Well, I should put the original cost of the pipe at seven andsixpence. Now it has, you see, been twice mended, once in the woodenstem and once in the amber. Each of these mends, done, as you observe,with silver bands, must have cost more than the pipe did originally.The man must value the pipe highly when he prefers to patch it uprather than buy a new one with the same money."

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    {  "My nerves are fairly proof, Watson, but I must confess to a startwhen I saw the very man who had been so much in my thoughts standingthere on my threshold. His appearance was quite familiar to me. Heis extremely tall and thin, his forehead domes out in a white curve,and his two eyes are deeply sunken in his head. He is clean-shaven,pale, and ascetic-looking, retaining something of the professor in hisfeatures. His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his faceprotrudes forward and is forever slowly oscillating from side toside in a curiously reptilian fashion. He peered at me with greatcuriosity in his puckered eyes.

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      "The newcomers were Colonel Lysander Stark and a short thick manwith a chinchilla beard growing out of the creases of his double chin,who was introduced to me as Mr. Ferguson.