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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of what burden is she?"
2.  "This treasure belongs to you, my dear friend," repliedDantes, "and to you only. I have no right to it. I am norelation of yours."
3.  "Gaspard Caderousse," rejoined the priest. "Yes, --Christian and surname are the same. You formerly lived, Ibelieve in the Allees de Meillan, on the fourth floor?"
4.  "Yes, I have seen him," he replied, "and he has handed thisletter to me. Light the candles in my apartment, if youplease." The inn-keeper gave orders to a servant to gobefore Franz with a light. The young man had found SignorPastrini looking very much alarmed, and this had only madehim the more anxious to read Albert's letter; and so he wentinstantly towards the waxlight, and unfolded it. It waswritten and signed by Albert. Franz read it twice before hecould comprehend what it contained. It was thus worded: --
5.  "Oh, no. You must have much to tell me, since you have cometo seek me."
6.  "Is this carriage for me?" said Dantes.


1.  "The stone seems very brilliant," answered the count.
2.  The eyes of Noirtier glistened, and d'Avrigny approached.
3.  The captain gave him a loaded carbine; the traveller slowlyraised it, and fired in the air. Ten minutes afterwards, thesails were furled, and they cast anchor about a hundredfathoms from the little harbor. The gig was already lowered,and in it were four oarsmen and a coxswain. The travellerdescended, and instead of sitting down at the stern of theboat, which had been decorated with a blue carpet for hisaccommodation, stood up with his arms crossed. The rowerswaited, their oars half lifted out of the water, like birdsdrying their wings.
4.  "You are like Debray, and yet it seems to me that when theminister is out of spirits, the opposition ought to bejoyous."
5.  "Sweet child," murmured Monte Cristo.
6.  "Yes; you were telling us about the extraordinary death ofValentine."


1.  "Then, in my turn, I also say, very well!" Danglars pressedhis daughter's hand in his. But, extraordinary to relate,the father did not say, "Thank you, my child," nor did thedaughter smile at her father. "Is the conference ended?"asked Eugenie, rising. Danglars motioned that he had nothingmore to say. Five minutes afterwards the piano resounded tothe touch of Mademoiselle d'Armilly's fingers, andMademoiselle Danglars was singing Brabantio's malediction onDesdemona. At the end of the piece Etienne entered, andannounced to Eugenie that the horses were in the carriage,and that the baroness was waiting for her to pay her visits.We have seen them at Villefort's; they proceeded then ontheir course.
2.  "A Frenchman."
3.  "And it is thus heaven recompenses virtue, sir," addedCaderousse. "You see, I, who never did a bad action but thatI have told you of -- am in destitution, with my poor wifedying of fever before my very eyes, and I unable to doanything in the world for her; I shall die of hunger, as oldDantes did, while Fernand and Danglars are rolling inwealth."
4.  "And do you call a man your friend whom you have only knownfor eight or ten days? Ah, Maximilian, I had hoped you set ahigher value on the title of friend."
5.   "Well, then, three months," said Penelon.
6.  "And what did he say to you?"


1.  "There you are beginning again to ramble, to talk again andagain of the past! But what is the use of teasing me withgoing all over that again?"
2.  "Well, then, three months," said Penelon.
3.  "It unfortunately happened that our neighbor, Vasilio, wasat Bastia, leaving no person in his house but his wife; nohuman creature beside could hear or see anything that tookplace within our dwelling. Two held poor Assunta, who,unable to conceive that any harm was intended to her, smiledin the face of those who were soon to become herexecutioners. The third proceeded to barricade the doors andwindows, then returned, and the three united in stifling thecries of terror incited by the sight of these preparations,and then dragged Assunta feet foremost towards the brazier,expecting to wring from her an avowal of where her supposedtreasure was secreted. In the struggle her clothes caughtfire, and they were obliged to let go their hold in order topreserve themselves from sharing the same fate. Covered withflames, Assunta rushed wildly to the door, but it wasfastened; she flew to the windows, but they were alsosecured; then the neighbors heard frightful shrieks; it wasAssunta calling for help. The cries died away in groans, andnext morning, as soon as Vasilio's wife could muster upcourage to venture abroad, she caused the door of ourdwelling to be opened by the public authorities, whenAssunta, although dreadfully burnt, was found stillbreathing; every drawer and closet in the house had beenforced open, and the money stolen. Benedetto never againappeared at Rogliano, neither have I since that day eitherseen or heard anything concerning him.
4、  "Maximilian goes with me," said the count, in his kindestand most persuasive manner; "therefore do not make yourselfuneasy on your brother's account."
5、  "What do I see in it?"




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      "Why, that which Dantes left at Porto-Ferrajo."

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      "It is the same."

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       "One!" said the count mysteriously, his eyes fixed on thecorpse, disfigured by so awful a death. Ten minutesafterwards the surgeon and the procureur arrived, the oneaccompanied by the porter, the other by Ali, and werereceived by the Abbe Busoni, who was praying by the side ofthe corpse.

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      "Because you have not yet invited me."

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    {  The jailer brought him his breakfast. Dantes raised himselfup and began to talk about everything; about the bad qualityof the food, about the coldness of his dungeon, grumblingand complaining, in order to have an excuse for speakinglouder, and wearying the patience of his jailer, who out ofkindness of heart had brought broth and white bread for hisprisoner.

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      "A letter from the viscount!" exclaimed Franz.}

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      "Do you give it to me?"

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      Villefort drew his armchair nearer to Madame Danglars; thenresting both hands upon his desk he said in a voice morehollow than usual: "There are crimes which remain unpunishedbecause the criminals are unknown, and we might strike theinnocent instead of the guilty; but when the culprits arediscovered" (Villefort here extended his hand toward a largecrucifix placed opposite to his desk) -- "when they arediscovered, I swear to you, by all I hold most sacred, thatwhoever they may be they shall die. Now, after the oath Ihave just taken, and which I will keep, madame, dare you askfor mercy for that wretch!"

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       "Gaspard, Gaspard!" murmured the woman, from her seat on thestairs, "mind what you are saying!" Caderousse made no replyto these words, though evidently irritated and annoyed bythe interruption, but, addressing the abbe, said, "Can a manbe faithful to another whose wife he covets and desires forhimself? But Dantes was so honorable and true in his ownnature, that he believed everybody's professions offriendship. Poor Edmond, he was cruelly deceived; but it wasfortunate that he never knew, or he might have found it moredifficult, when on his deathbed, to pardon his enemies. And,whatever people may say," continued Caderousse, in hisnative language, which was not altogether devoid of rudepoetry, "I cannot help being more frightened at the idea ofthe malediction of the dead than the hatred of the living."

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    {  "Then sell out -- sell out, marquis, or you will lose itall."

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      "Then you suffer a great deal?"