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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you fear?"
2.  "Monsieur," returned Maximilian, raising the glass cover,and respectfully kissing the silken purse, "this has touchedthe hand of a man who saved my father from suicide, us fromruin, and our name from shame and disgrace, -- a man bywhose matchless benevolence we poor children, doomed to wantand wretchedness, can at present hear every one envying ourhappy lot. This letter" (as he spoke, Maximilian drew aletter from the purse and gave it to the count) -- "thisletter was written by him the day that my father had taken adesperate resolution, and this diamond was given by thegenerous unknown to my sister as her dowry." Monte Cristoopened the letter, and read it with an indescribable feelingof delight. It was the letter written (as our readers know)to Julie, and signed "Sinbad the Sailor." "Unknown you say,is the man who rendered you this service -- unknown to you?"
3.  Meanwhile the sailors had collected dried sticks andbranches with which they made a fire. Franz waitedimpatiently, inhaling the aroma of the roasted meat, whenthe captain returned with a mysterious air.
4.  "No," replied Morrel.
5.  "`Every revolution has its catastrophes,' returned M. deVillefort; `your brother has been the victim of this. It isa misfortune, and government owes nothing to his family. Ifwe are to judge by all the vengeance that the followers ofthe usurper exercised on the partisans of the king, when, intheir turn, they were in power, your brother would beto-day, in all probability, condemned to death. What hashappened is quite natural, and in conformity with the law ofreprisals.' -- `What,' cried I, `do you, a magistrate, speakthus to me?' -- `All these Corsicans are mad, on my honor,'replied M. de Villefort; `they fancy that their countrymanis still emperor. You have mistaken the time, you shouldhave told me this two months ago, it is too late now. Gonow, at once, or I shall have you put out.'
6.  "I was called to see him on his dying bed, that I mightadminister to him the consolations of religion."


1.  "My opinion is, that all these old podestas, these ancientcondottieri, -- for the Cavalcanti have commanded armies andgoverned provinces, -- my opinion, I say, is, that they haveburied their millions in corners, the secret of which theyhave transmitted only to their eldest sons, who have donethe same from generation to generation; and the proof ofthis is seen in their yellow and dry appearance, like theflorins of the republic, which, from being constantly gazedupon, have become reflected in them."
2.  "Truly they are," murmured the count in a lugubrious tone.
3.  "It is your love which makes you look upon everything inthat light."
4.  "Oh," said the count, "I only know two things which destroythe appetite, -- grief -- and as I am happy to see you verycheerful, it is not that -- and love. Now after what youtold me this morning of your heart, I may believe" --
5.  Chapter 98The Bell and Bottle Tavern.
6.  "There's what you want on that table," said the waiter.


1.  "Oh, heaven," said Valentine; "is this the reason whygrandpapa has made me share all his beverages during thelast month?"
2.  "Nothing new; You have an hour; or To-morrow."
3.  "But the ink," said Dantes; "of what did you make your ink?"
4.  "Go; but you would do better still by not going at all."
5.   "Madame," replied Villefort, with a mournful smile, "I havealready had the honor to observe that my father has -- atleast, I hope so -- abjured his past errors, and that he is,at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religionand order -- a better royalist, possibly, than his son; forhe has to atone for past dereliction, while I have no otherimpulse than warm, decided preference and conviction."Having made this well-turned speech, Villefort lookedcarefully around to mark the effect of his oratory, much ashe would have done had he been addressing the bench in opencourt.
6.  However, scarcely was the imperial power established -- thatis, scarcely had the emperor re-entered the Tuileries andbegun to issue orders from the closet into which we haveintroduced our readers, -- he found on the table there LouisXVIII.'s half-filled snuff-box, -- scarcely had thisoccurred when Marseilles began, in spite of the authorities,to rekindle the flames of civil war, always smouldering inthe south, and it required but little to excite the populaceto acts of far greater violence than the shouts and insultswith which they assailed the royalists whenever theyventured abroad.


1.  "Hush -- here is our man!" The clerk seized his pen, andPeppino his beads; one was writing and the other prayingwhen the door opened. Danglars looked radiant with joy; thebanker accompanied him to the door. Peppino followedDanglars.
2.  The count signified his intention of dining alone, and thatno one but Ali should attend him. Having dined with hisusual tranquillity and moderation, the count, making asignal to Ali to follow him, went out by the side-gate andon reaching the Bois de Boulogne turned, apparently withoutdesign towards Paris and at twilight; found himself oppositehis house in the Champs-Elysees. All was dark; one solitary,feeble light was burning in the porter's lodge, about fortypaces distant from the house, as Baptistin had said. MonteCristo leaned against a tree, and with that scrutinizingglance which was so rarely deceived, looked up and down theavenue, examined the passers-by, and carefully looked downthe neighboring streets, to see that no one was concealed.Ten minutes passed thus, and he was convinced that no onewas watching him. He hastened to the side-door with Ali,entered hurriedly, and by the servants' staircase, of whichhe had the key, gained his bedroom without opening ordisarranging a single curtain, without even the porterhaving the slightest suspicion that the house, which hesupposed empty, contained its chief occupant.
3.  "No, monsieur," returned the count; and he drew from hispocket a marvellous casket, formed out of a single emeraldand closed by a golden lid which unscrewed and gave passageto a small greenish colored pellet about the size of a pea.This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor. There were fouror five more in the emerald, which would contain about adozen. The casket passed around the table, but it was moreto examine the admirable emerald than to see the pills thatit passed from hand to hand. "And is it your cook whoprepares these pills?" asked Beauchamp.
4、  "I scarcely know," replied the count; "it was a littlesurprise prepared for me by my steward, and cost me -- well,somewhere about 30,000 francs." Debray conveyed the count'sreply to the baroness. Poor Danglars looked so crest-fallenand discomfited that Monte Cristo assumed a pitying airtowards him. "See," said the count, "how very ungratefulwomen are. Your kind attention, in providing for the safetyof the baroness by disposing of the horses, does not seem tohave made the least impression on her. But so it is; a womanwill often, from mere wilfulness, prefer that which isdangerous to that which is safe. Therefore, in my opinion,my dear baron, the best and easiest way is to leave them totheir fancies, and allow them to act as they please, andthen, if any mischief follows, why, at least, they have noone to blame but themselves." Danglars made no reply; he wasoccupied in anticipations of the coming scene betweenhimself and the baroness, whose frowning brow, like that ofOlympic Jove, predicted a storm. Debray, who perceived thegathering clouds, and felt no desire to witness theexplosion of Madame Danglars' rage, suddenly recollected anappointment, which compelled him to take his leave; whileMonte Cristo, unwilling by prolonging his stay to destroythe advantages he hoped to obtain, made a farewell bow anddeparted, leaving Danglars to endure the angry reproaches ofhis wife.
5、  "To the Governor of the Bank. Please pay to my order, fromthe fund deposited by me, the sum of a million, and chargethe same to my account.




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      "Yes, he is to marry Mademoiselle de Villefort."

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      "Indeed, I imagine that Mademoiselle Danglars is as good asM. de Morcerf."

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       "I am, indeed, most wretched," replied Mercedes. "Alone inthe world, I had but my son, and he has left me!"

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      "By what right, sir?"

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    {  "Thank you, I understand. But my mother -- no, not mymother; I mistake -- my father intends giving a ball."

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      ...ngle in the second;}

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      "You will breakfast with me, will you not, Morrel?" said thecount, to turn the conversation.

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      "And shall we begin at once?"

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       "No, take it away; I can see in the dark."

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    {  "Yes; should you like a letter to the minister that theymight explain to you" --

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      "`Well, as after my death the command devolves on you asmate, assume the command, and bear up for the Island ofElba, disembark at Porto-Ferrajo, ask for the grand-marshal,give him this letter -- perhaps they will give you anotherletter, and charge you with a commission. You willaccomplish what I was to have done, and derive all the honorand profit from it.'