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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is the best plan, believe me."
2.  These words had scarcely escaped him, when the carriage wason its way, and the feet of the horses struck a shower ofsparks from the pavement. Maximilian settled himself in hiscorner without uttering a word. Half an hour had passed whenthe carriage stopped suddenly; the count had just pulled thesilken check-string, which was fastened to Ali's finger. TheNubian immediately descended and opened the carriage door.It was a lovely starlight night -- they had just reached thetop of the hill Villejuif, from whence Paris appears like asombre sea tossing its millions of phosphoric waves intolight -- waves indeed more noisy, more passionate, morechangeable, more furious, more greedy, than those of thetempestuous ocean, -- waves which never rest as those of thesea sometimes do, -- waves ever dashing, ever foaming, everingulfing what falls within their grasp. The count stoodalone, and at a sign from his hand, the carriage went on fora short distance. With folded arms, he gazed for some timeupon the great city. When he had fixed his piercing look onthis modern Babylon, which equally engages the contemplationof the religious enthusiast, the materialist, and thescoffer, -- "Great city," murmured he, inclining his head,and joining his hands as if in prayer, "less than six monthshave elapsed since first I entered thy gates. I believe thatthe Spirit of God led my steps to thee and that he alsoenables me to quit thee in triumph; the secret cause of mypresence within thy walls I have confided alone to him whoonly has had the power to read my heart. God only knows thatI retire from thee without pride or hatred, but not withoutmany regrets; he only knows that the power confided to mehas never been made subservient to my personal good or toany useless cause. Oh, great city, it is in thy palpitatingbosom that I have found that which I sought; like a patientminer, I have dug deep into thy very entrails to root outevil thence. Now my work is accomplished, my mission isterminated, now thou canst neither afford me pain norpleasure. Adieu, Paris, adieu!"
3.  "Ah, true, a diplomatist!" observed Debray.
4.  "Did you know me better," returned the count, smiling, "youwould not give one thought of such a thing for a travellerlike myself, who has successively lived on maccaroni atNaples, polenta at Milan, olla podrida at Valencia, pilau atConstantinople, karrick in India, and swallows' nests inChina. I eat everywhere, and of everything, only I eat butlittle; and to-day, that you reproach me with my want ofappetite, is my day of appetite, for I have not eaten sinceyesterday morning."
5.  "Yes; I am a supercargo; pen, ink, and paper are my tools,and without my tools I am fit for nothing."
6.  "What is that?" asked Andrea.


1.  "I demand admittance," said a loud voice outside the room,"in the name of the law!" As no attempt was made to preventit, the door was opened, and a magistrate, wearing hisofficial scarf, presented himself, followed by four soldiersand a corporal. Uneasiness now yielded to the most extremedread on the part of those present.
2.  "No doubt; but in the meantime?"
3.  "Be satisfied; I will deny it."
4.  It was in the warmest days of July, when in due course oftime the Saturday arrived upon which the ball was to takeplace at M. de Morcerf's. It was ten o'clock at night; thebranches of the great trees in the garden of the count'shouse stood out boldly against the azure canopy of heaven,which was studded with golden stars, but where the lastfleeting clouds of a vanishing storm yet lingered. From theapartments on the ground-floor might be heard the sound ofmusic, with the whirl of the waltz and galop, whilebrilliant streams of light shone through the openings of theVenetian blinds. At this moment the garden was only occupiedby about ten servants, who had just received orders fromtheir mistress to prepare the supper, the serenity of theweather continuing to increase. Until now, it had beenundecided whether the supper should take place in thedining-room, or under a long tent erected on the lawn, butthe beautiful blue sky, studded with stars, had settled thequestion in favor of the lawn. The gardens were illuminatedwith colored lanterns, according to the Italian custom, and,as is usual in countries where the luxuries of the table --the rarest of all luxuries in their complete form -- arewell understood, the supper-table was loaded with wax-lightsand flowers.
5.  "And who thinks of using him ill? Certainly neither I norFernand," said Danglars, rising and looking at the youngman, who still remained seated, but whose eye was fixed onthe denunciatory sheet of paper flung into the corner.
6.  "I think I may aspire to that honor," said Danglars with asmile, which reminded Monte Cristo of the sickly moons whichbad artists are so fond of daubing into their pictures ofruins. "But, while we are speaking of business," Danglarsadded, pleased to find an opportunity of changing thesubject, "tell me what I am to do for M. Cavalcanti."


1.  "Oh, yes," returned the young man, smiling; "on thecontrary, I have one, but I expected the count would betempted by one of the brilliant proposals made him, yet ashe has not replied to any of them, I will venture to offerhim a suite of apartments in a charming hotel, in thePompadour style, that my sister has inhabited for a year, inthe Rue Meslay."
2.  Villefort fell on his knees. "Listen," said he; "I have notthe strength of mind you have, or rather that which youwould not have, if instead of my daughter Valentine yourdaughter Madeleine were concerned." The doctor turned pale."Doctor, every son of woman is born to suffer and to die; Iam content to suffer and to await death."
3.  Villefort would probably have rather stood opposite themuzzle of a pistol at five-and-twenty paces than have heardthis name spoken; but he did not blanch.
4.  "What do you mean?" said the major.
5.   "I am listening."
6.  "And the very reason why the women of this fine country putso little restraint on their words and actions, is becausethey live so much in public, and have really nothing toconceal. Besides, you must have perceived that the countesswas really alarmed."


1.  "Any way, mother."
2.  "Still, you have thought of it?"
3.  Dantes remained for a short time mute and motionless; atlength he said, -- "Then you abandon all hope of escape?"
4、  "Reflect, Morcerf, one moment before you go."
5、  "I suppose you read it in the paper in the account fromYanina?"




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      "I will tell you, Morrel," said the count, "that I do notneed entreating to spare the life of M. de Morcerf; he shallbe so well spared, that he will return quietly with his twofriends, while I" --

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      "Him! -- M. de Villefort, the king's attorney? Certainly Isee him."

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       "Nautilus. I staked on him."

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      "Oh, you are beautiful -- always beautiful!" cried Louise."Now, where are you going?"

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    {  "Ma foi, I should like to smoke."

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      "Yes," replied Monte Cristo "these blazons prove that.Almost all the armed pilgrims that went to the Holy Landtook for their arms either a cross, in honor of theirmission, or birds of passage, in sign of the long voyagethey were about to undertake, and which they hoped toaccomplish on the wings of faith. One of your ancestors hadjoined the Crusades, and supposing it to be only that of St.Louis, that makes you mount to the thirteenth century, whichis tolerably ancient."}

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      "They will not be strangers, they will be friends."

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      "At any rate," said she, "since I am to be married whether Iwill or not, I ought to be thankful to providence for havingreleased me from my engagement with M. Albert de Morcerf, orI should this day have been the wife of a dishonored man."

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       "Well, that tends to confirm my own ideas," said Franz,"that the countess's suspicions were destitute alike ofsense and reason. Did he speak in your hearing? and did youcatch any of his words?"

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    {  "Ah," said the Marquise de Saint-Meran, a woman with astern, forbidding eye, though still noble and distinguishedin appearance, despite her fifty years -- "ah, theserevolutionists, who have driven us from those verypossessions they afterwards purchased for a mere trifleduring the Reign of Terror, would be compelled to own, werethey here, that all true devotion was on our side, since wewere content to follow the fortunes of a falling monarch,while they, on the contrary, made their fortune byworshipping the rising sun; yes, yes, they could not helpadmitting that the king, for whom we sacrificed rank,wealth, and station was truly our `Louis the well-beloved,'while their wretched usurper his been, and ever will be, tothem their evil genius, their `Napoleon the accursed.' Am Inot right, Villefort?"

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      "Caderousse shuddered. The woman's lips seemed to move, asthough she were talking; but because she merely spoke in anundertone, or my senses were dulled by sleep, I did notcatch a word she uttered. Confused sights and sounds seemedto float before me, and gradually I fell into a deep, heavyslumber. How long I had been in this unconscious state Iknow not, when I was suddenly aroused by the report of apistol, followed by a fearful cry. Weak and totteringfootsteps resounded across the chamber above me, and thenext instant a dull, heavy weight seemed to fall powerlesson the staircase. I had not yet fully recoveredconsciousness, when again I heard groans, mingled withhalf-stifled cries, as if from persons engaged in a deadlystruggle. A cry more prolonged than the others and ending ina series of groans effectually roused me from my drowsylethargy. Hastily raising myself on one arm, I lookedaround, but all was dark; and it seemed to me as if the rainmust have penetrated through the flooring of the room above,for some kind of moisture appeared to fall, drop by drop,upon my forehead, and when I passed my hand across my brow,I felt that it was wet and clammy.