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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you mean by that, monsieur?"
2.  "Well, what is to be done?"
3.  Monseigneur, Let your Eminence be reassured. His Grace the Duke ofBuckingham WILL NOT SET OUT for France.
4.  "What! Not Monsieur d'Artagnan?" exclaimed the commissary."Not the least in the world," replied Bonacieux.
5.  A second discharge followed the first, and three balls, bypassing through it, made the napkin really a flag. "Crieswere heard from the camp, "Come down! come down!"Athos came down; his friends, who anxiously awaited him, sawhim returned with joy.
6.  Porthos and Aramis were so engaged with their game, and Athos waswatching them with so much attention, that they did not evenperceive their young companion go out, who, as he had told theGuardsman of his Eminence, stopped outside the door. An instantafter, the Guardsman descended in his turn. As D'Artagnan had notime to lose, on account of the audience of the king, which wasfixed for midday, he cast his eyes around, and seeing that thestreet was empty, said to his adversary, "My faith! It isfortunate for you, although your name is Bernajoux, to have onlyto deal with an apprentice Musketeer. Never mind; be content, Iwill do my best. On guard!"


1.  "A ninny, indeed!" said Porthos; "but is the matter certain?""I had it from Aramis," replied the Musketeer.
2.  "Well, one day when she was hunting with her husband," continuedAthos, in a low voice, and speaking very quickly," she fell fromher horse and fainted. The count flew to her to help, and as sheappeared to be oppressed by her clothes, he ripped them open withhis poinard, and in so doing laid bare her shoulder.D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter,"guess what she had on her shoulder."
3.  "What does he say?" grumbled Porthos.
4.  "Yes," said Milady, "Lord de Winter; and now you can understandit all, can you not? Buckingham remained nearly a year absent.A week before his return Lord de Winter died, leaving me his soleheir. Whence came the blow? God who knows all, knows withoutdoubt; but as for me, I accuse nobody."
5.  "I confess that unless you deign to give me some proof ofwhat you advance--"
6.  Then her brow darkened. "If he tells the baron," said she, "I amlost--for the baron, who knows very well that I shall not killmyself, will place me before him with a knife in my hand, and hewill discover that all this despair is but acted."She placed herself before the glass, and regarded herselfattentively; never had she appeared more beautiful."Oh, yes," said she, smiling, "but we won't tell him!"In the evening Lord de Winter accompanied the supper."Sir," said Milady, "is your presence an indispensable accessoryof my captivity? Could you not spare me the increase of torturewhich your visits cause me?"


1.  "That," continued the cardinal, "arose not only from afeeling of natural equity, but likewise from a plan I havemarked out with respect to you."
2.  And he showed the cardinal, with his finger, the four musketspiled near the drum, on which were the cards and dice."Your Eminence may believe," added D'Artagnan, "that we wouldhave come to meet you, if we could have supposed it wasMonseigneur coming toward us with so few attendants."The cardinal bit his mustache, and even his lips a little."Do you know what you look like, all together, as you are armedand guarded by your lackeys?" said the cardinal. "You look likefour conspirators."
3.  The two men in black, who guessed D'Artagnan's meaning, darted athim a glance which might have been thought threatening; butD'Artagnan took no heed of it.
4.  During this time, exempt from the anxiety of its only and truechief, the royal army led a joyous life, neither provisions normoney being wanting in the camp. All the corps rivaled oneanother in audacity and gaiety. To take spies and hang them, tomake hazardous expeditions upon the dyke or the sea, to imaginewild plans, and to execute them coolly--such were the pastimeswhich made the army find these days short which were not only solong to the Rochellais, a prey to famine and anxiety, but even tothe cardinal, who blockaded them so closely.
5.   "Now," said Aramis, "you will please to understand,gentlemen, that Bazin alone can carry this letter to Tours.My cousin knows nobody but Bazin, and places confidence innobody but him; any other person would fail. Besides, Bazinis ambitious and learned; Bazin has read history, gentlemen,he knows that Sixtus the Fifth became Pope after having keptpigs. Well, as he means to enter the Church at the sametime as myself, he does not despair of becoming Pope in histurn, or at least a cardinal. You can understand that a manwho has such views will never allow himself to be taken, orif taken, will undergo martyrdom rather than speak.""Very well," said D'Artagnan, "I consent to Bazin with allmy heart, but grant me Planchet. Milady had him one dayturned out of doors, with sundry blows of a good stick toaccelerate his motions. Now, Planchet has an excellentmemory; and I will be bound that sooner than relinquish anypossible means of vengeance, he will allow himself to bebeaten to death. If your arrangements at Tours are yourarrangements, Aramis, those of London are mine. I request,then, that Planchet may be chosen, more particularly as hehas already been to London with me, and knows how to speakcorrectly: London, sir, if you please, and my master, Lordd'Artagnan. With that you may be satisfied he can make hisway, both going and returning."
6.  "Ah, my poor friends!" murmured D'Artagnan; "where are you?And that you should fail me!"


1.  "I, who had sacrificed for you the Baronne de--"
2.  "Hold your tongue, you stupid fellow!" said the young man; "I amD'Artagnan; don't you know me? Where is your master?""You, Monsieur D'Artagnan!" cried Grimaud, "impossible.""Grimaud," said Athos, coming out of his apartment in adressing gown, "Grimaud, I thought I heard you permittingyourself to speak?"
3.  "But, my Reverend-" replied Aramis, a little amazed by the showerof arguments that poured upon his head.
4、  "Yes."
5、  "I must have been blind not to have seen."




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      "My husband in the Bastille!" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Oh, my God!What has he done? Poor dear man, he is innocence itself!"And something like a faint smile lighted the still-terrifiedfeatures of the young woman.

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       "Well, then," said Felton, " I will tell you what you were doing,or rather what you meant to do; you were going to complete thefatal project you cherish in your mind. Remember, madame, if ourGod forbids falsehood, he much more severely condemns suicide.""When God sees one of his creatures persecuted unjustly, placedbetween suicide and dishonor, believe me, sir," replied Milady,in a tone of deep conviction, "God pardons suicide, for thensuicide becomes martyrdom."

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      "What you know?"

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    {  "What o'clock is it?"

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      "Ah, you are awake, madame," he said; "then I have nothing moreto do here. If you want anything you can ring."}

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      "Possibly, monsieur. I am your landlord."

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      "At his country house."

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       "That is to say, you don't believe what I have told you; isit not so?"

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    {  "He has, then, charged me to take it from you."

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      "The favorite of a great lady will not be allowed to beinconvenienced for such a paltry sum as he owes you.""If I durst say what I believe on that head--"