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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "All right," she said.
2.  There was a sound of horses' hoofs outside, and then Ray's voicesaying:"No, I shall not ride again. Put him up."
3.  Nothing came of this incident at the time, for the truth is itdid not seem conclusive enough to warrant any discussion. Onlythe atmosphere of distrust and ill-feeling was strengthened,precipitating every now and then little sprinklings of irritableconversation, enlivened by flashes of wrath. The matter of theWaukesha outing was merely a continuation of other things of thesame nature.
4.  Harris reached over to a table and began to look for the"Herald."
5.  She tried to answer, but he turned away and shuffled off towardthe east.
6.  "Look at that man over there," laughed Lola, who had caught sightof some one falling down. "How sheepish men look when they fall,don't they?"


1.  In Monday's second mail he encountered a very legal-lookingletter, which held his interest for some time. It bore theimprint of the law offices of McGregor, James and Hay, and with avery formal "Dear Sir," and "We beg to state," went on to informhim briefly that they had been retained by Mrs. Julia Hurstwoodto adjust certain matters which related to her sustenance andproperty rights, and would he kindly call and see them about thematter at once.
2.  Hurstwood was standing, his coat open, his thumbs in his pockets,the light on his jewels and rings relieving them with agreeabledistinctness. He was the picture of fastidious comfort.
3.  As he started to go he felt truly sorry that he had missed her.There was a little picture of her on the wall, showing herarrayed in the little jacket he had first bought her--her face alittle more wistful than he had seen it lately. He was reallytouched by it, and looked into the eyes of it with a rather rarefeeling for him.
4.  "On Washington Boulevard." he answered, expecting her eye tolight with immediate remembrance.
5.  "The offices are up those steps," said the bluecoat. His facewas a very neutral thing to contemplate. In his heart of hearts,he sympathised with the strikers and hated this "scab." In hisheart of hearts, also, he felt the dignity and use of the policeforce, which commanded order. Of its true social significance,he never once dreamed. His was not the mind for that. The twofeelings blended in him--neutralised one another and him. Hewould have fought for this man as determinedly as for himself,and yet only so far as commanded. Strip him of his uniform, andhe would have soon picked his side.
6.  "Let's see," he went on, "I know quite a number of people in yourtown. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man."


1.  The part of Laura, as Carrie found out when she began to examineit, was one of suffering and tears. As delineated by Mr. Daly,it was true to the most sacred traditions of melodrama as hefound it when he began his career. The sorrowful demeanour, thetremolo music, the long, explanatory, cumulative addresses, allwere there.
2.  To the child, the genius with imagination, or the whollyuntravelled, the approach to a great city for the first time is awonderful thing. Particularly if it be evening--that mysticperiod between the glare and gloom of the world when life ischanging from one sphere or condition to another. Ah, thepromise of the night. What does it not hold for the weary! Whatold illusion of hope is not here forever repeated! Says the soulof the toiler to itself, "I shall soon be free. I shall be inthe ways and the hosts of the merry. The streets, the lamps, thelighted chamber set for dining, are for me. The theatre, thehalls, the parties, the ways of rest and the paths of song--theseare mine in the night." Though all humanity be still enclosed inthe shops, the thrill runs abroad. It is in the air. Thedullest feel something which they may not always express ordescribe. It is the lifting of the burden of toil.
3.  "Oh, I don't know."
4.  "Where has he gone?" he asked, looking up. He had never beforebeen kept in ignorance concerning departures.
6.  The instructor explained a few more details, and then said:


1.  The real bitterness of this thing was added when Mrs. Vance didcall. It was on one of her shopping rounds. Making her way upthe commonplace hall, she knocked at Carrie's door. To hersubsequent and agonising distress, Carrie was out. Hurstwoodopened the door, half-thinking that the knock was Carrie's. Foronce, he was taken honestly aback. The lost voice of youth andpride spoke in him.
3.  When Hurstwood put the money back, his nature again resumed itsease and daring. No one had observed him. He was quite alone.No one could tell what he wished to do. He could work this thingout for himself.
4、  Minnie's womanly nature was higher than this. She figured thepossibilities in such cases.
5、  "Now, I have eight cents. Four more will give this man a bed.Come, gentlemen. We are going very slow this evening. You allhave good beds. How about these?"




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      "How would Wheeler do?"

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      "You're not happy," said Hurstwood, slowly, after a slight pause.

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       "Yes, out near Hoyne Avenue. You were with your husband."

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      Lord! what was that? For the first time he was tense, as if astern hand had been laid upon his shoulder. He looked fearfullyaround. Not a soul was present. Not a sound. Some one wasshuffling by on the sidewalk. He took the box and the money andput it back in the safe. Then he partly closed the door again.

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    {  "It wasn't a hotel," said Hurstwood. "I was manager ofFitzgerald and Moy's place in Chicago for fifteen years."

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      "She didn't deserve what she got out of me, that is sure. Ididn't do so much, if everybody could just know."}

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      "Do you want to hire any men?" inquired Hurstwood.

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      "You're so kind," observed Carrie.

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       "Beds, eh, all of you?"

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    {  "Is it in Chicago?" she asked nervously. They were now farbeyond the city limits, and the train was scudding across theIndiana line at a great rate.

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      For her part, Carrie had experienced a world of fancy and feelingsince she had left him, the night before. She had listened toDrouet's enthusiastic maunderings with much regard for that partwhich concerned herself, with very little for that which affectedhis own gain. She kept him at such lengths as she could, becauseher thoughts were with her own triumph. She felt Hurstwood'spassion as a delightful background to her own achievement, andshe wondered what he would have to say. She was sorry for him,too, with that peculiar sorrow which finds somethingcomplimentary to itself in the misery of another. She was nowexperiencing the first shades of feeling of that subtle changewhich removes one out of the ranks of the suppliants into thelines of the dispensers of charity. She was, all in all,exceedingly happy.