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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  'Twas all delusion, cheat and lie.
2.  Night
3.  Margaret on Faust's arm. Martha with Mephistopheles walking up and downMargaret
4.  Margaret (putting fresh flowers in the pots)
5.  Siebel
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  So long as he on earth doth live, So long 'tis not forbidden thee. Man still musterr, while he doth strive.
2.  With rapid motion from on high, I shot in starry splendour; Now prostrate onthe grass I lie; Who aid will kindly render?
3.  Up stood the jovial monarch, And quaff'd his last life's glow, Then hurled thehallow'd goblet Into the flood below.
4.  Salve gives the witches strength to rise; A rag for a sail does well enough; Agoodly ship is every trough; To - night who flies not, never flies.Both Choruses
5.  And much, sir, may the liquor profit you!
6.  'Tis well, I hope that we shall soon agree! For now your fancies to expel,Here, as a youth of high degree, I come in gold - lac'd scarlet vest, And stiff -silk mantle richly dress'd, A cock's gay feather for a plume, A long andpointed rapier, too; And briefly I would counsel you To don at once the samecostume, And, free from trammels, speed away, That what life is you mayessay.


1.  Have patience! I will show him up anon!
2.  Chorus
3.  The Lord
4.  What murmurest thou?
5.   He loves me - not - he loves me - not
6.  Ay, out of sight is out of mind! Politeness easy is to you; Friends everywhere,and not a few, Wiser than I am, you will find.Faust


1.  Oh, holy man! methinks I have you there! In all your life say, have you ne'erFalse witness borne, until this hour? Have you of God, the world, and all itdoth contain, Of man, and that which worketh in his heart and brain, Notdefinitions given, in words of weight and power, With front unblushing, and adauntless breast? Yet, if into the depth of things you go, Touching thesematters, it must be confess'd, As much as of Herr Schwerdtlein's death youknow!
2.  Trees on trees, a stalwart legion, Swiftly past us are retreating, And the cliffswith lowly greeting; Rocks long - snouted, row on row, How they snort, andhow they blow!
3.  They say That two she feedeth when she eats and drinks.Margaret
4、  Mephistopheles
5、  (braiding and binding up her hair)




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      Of the elements in the finished Faust that are derived from the legend a roughidea may be obtained from the "Doctor Faustus" of Marlowe, printed in thepresent volume. As early as 1674 a life of Faust had contained the incident ofthe philosopher's falling in love with a servant - girl; but the developed story ofGretchen is Goethe's own. The other elements added to the plot can be notedby a comparison with Marlowe.

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       Nay! Do not tremble, love! Let this hand - pressure, let this glance revealFeelings, all power of speech above; To give oneself up wholly and to feel Ajoy that must eternal prove! Eternal! - Yes, its end would be despair. No end!- It cannot end!

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      Pander, avaunt!

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    {  Where is the fellow? Could I scent him out, His body from his soul I'd soondivide!

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      'Tis sorcery, I vow! Strike home! The fellow is fair game, I trow!(They draw their knives and attack Mephistopheles.)Mephistopheles (with solemn gestures)

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    {  Margaret

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      Heaven bless the trusty friend, and long To help the poor his life prolong!Faust