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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Sherlock Holmes laughed. "Here is the foresight," said he,putting his finger upon the little disc and loop of thehat-securer. "They are never sold upon hats. If this man orderedone, it is a sign of a certain amount of foresight, since he wentout of his way to take this precaution against the wind. Butsince we see that he has broken the elastic and has not troubledto replace it, it is obvious that he has less foresight now thanformerly, which is a distinct proof of a weakening nature. On theother hand, he has endeavoured to conceal some of these stainsupon the felt by daubing them with ink, which is a sign that hehas not entirely lost his self-respect."
2.  "Joseph!" ejaculated Phelps.
3.  "'Milano.' 'Lucerne.' These are from Italy."
4.  "I see--her ladyship's waiting-maid. Well, the temptation ofsudden wealth so easily acquired was too much for you, as it hasbeen for better men before you; but you were not very scrupulousin the means you used. It seems to me, Ryder, that there is themaking of a very pretty villain in you. You knew that this manHorner, the plumber, had been concerned in some such matterbefore, and that suspicion would rest the more readily upon him.What did you do, then? You made some small job in my lady'sroom--you and your confederate Cusack--and you managed that heshould be the man sent for. Then, when he had left, you rifledthe jewel-case, raised the alarm, and had this unfortunate manarrested. You then--"
5.  1911
6.  "Are you Mr. Godfrey Staunton?"


1.  The Gold King had reentered the room in a more chastened mood thanhe had left it. His wounded pride still showed in his resentfuleyes, but his common sense had shown him that he must yield if hewould attain his end.
2.  "How else can we explain her frenzied anxiety that her second oneshould not enter it? The facts, as I read them, are something likethis: This woman was married in America. Her husband developed somehateful qualities, or shall we say he contracted some loathsomedisease and became a leper or an imbecile? She flies from him at last,returns to England, changes her name, and starts her life, as shethinks, afresh. She has been married three years and believes that herposition is quite secure, having shown her husband the deathcertificate of some man whose name she has assumed, when suddenlyher whereabouts is discovered by her first husband, or, we maysuppose, by some unscrupulous woman who has attached herself to theinvalid. They write to the wife and threaten to come and expose her.She asks for a hundred pounds and endeavours to buy them off. Theycome in spite of it, and when the husband mentions casually to thewife that there are newcomers in the cottage, she knows in some waythat they are her pursuers. She waits until her husband is asleep, andthen she rushes down to endeavour to persuade them to leave her inpeace. Having no success, she goes again next morning, and her husbandmeets her, as he has told us, as she comes out. She promises himthen not to go there again, but two days afterwards the hope ofgetting rid of those dreadful neighbours was too strong for her, andshe made another attempt, taking down with her the photograph whichhad probably been demanded from her. In the midst of this interviewthe maid rushed in to say that the master had come home, on whichthe wife, knowing that he would come straight down to the cottage,hurried the inmates out at the back door, into the grove of fir-trees,probably, which was mentioned as standing near. In this way he foundthe place deserted. I shall be very much surprised, however, if itis still so when he reconnoitres it this evening. What do you think ofmy theory?"
3.  "Yes, there is a late train- quarter-past eleven."
4.  "You look wretchedly ill," said Holmes. "Perhaps you are hardlyequal to telling me what occurred."
5.  There was no rain, as Holmes had foretold, and the morning brokebright and cloudless. At nine o'clock Lestrade called for us withthe carriage, and we set off for Hatherley Farm and the Boscombe Pool."There is serious news this morning," Lestrade observed. "It is saidthat Mr. Turner, of the Hall, is so ill that his life is despairedof."
6.  "Dear me, Hopkins! That is certainly rather against your theory thatthey committed a murder in Kent last night."


1.  "I feared that you would find it so."
2.  "None. Neville wrote those words."
3.  "What is he like, this Vincent Spaulding?"
4.  "'Yes, we could easily give you a shake-down.'
5.   "Oh, he has a European fame, has he? Well, we've learned all abouthim in America. We know he is at the bottom of fifty murders, andyet we have nothing positive we can take him on. I tracked him overfrom New York, and I've been close to him for a week in London,waiting some excuse to get my hand on his collar. Mr. Gregson and Iran him to ground in that big tenement house, and there's only the onedoor, so he can't slip us. There's three folk come out since he wentin, but I'll swear he wasn't one of them."
6.  "'Well, then, you know now. And if you ever put your foot overthat threshold again'-here in an instant the smile hardened into agrin of rage, and he glared down at me with the face of ademon-'I'll throw you to the mastiff.'


1.  It was indeed no longer the profile, but the back, which wasturned towards us.
2.  "No, I couldn't do it, Watson," said he, as we reentered our room."Once that warrant was made out, nothing on earth would save him. Onceor twice in my career I feel that I have done more real harm by mydiscovery of the criminal than ever he had done by his crime. I havelearned caution now, and I had rather play tricks with the law ofEngland than with my own conscience. Let us know a little morebefore we act."
3.  "I see no reason for mystery," she answered. "We were engaged tobe married, and we only kept it secret because Fitzroy's uncle, who isvery old and said to be dying, might have disinherited him if he hadmarried against his wish. There was no other reason."
4、  Three years had certainly not smoothed the asperities of histemper or his impatience with a less active intelligence than his own."Of course it has moved," said he. "Am I such a farcical bungler,Watson, that I should erect an obvious dummy, and expect that someof the sharpest men in Europe would be deceived by it? We have been inthis room two hours, and Mrs. Hudson has made some change in thatfigure eight times, or once in every quarter of an hour. She worksit from the front, so that her shadow may never be seen. Ah!" Hedrew in his breath with a shrill, excited intake. In the dim light Isaw his head thrown forward, his whole attitude rigid withattention. Outside the street was absolutely deserted. Those two menmight still be crouching in the doorway, but I could no longer seethem. All was still and dark, save only that brilliant yellow screenin front of us with the black figure outlined upon its centre. Againin the utter silence I heard that thin, sibilant note which spoke ofintense suppressed excitement. An instant later he pulled me back intothe blackest corner of the room, and I felt his warning hand upon mylips. The fingers which clutched me were quivering. Never had Iknown my friend more moved, and yet the dark street still stretchedlonely and motionless before us.
5、  "By all means."




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      "Perhaps we may make them less so."

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      "Beg pardon, sir," said our page-boy as he opened the door. "There'sbeen a gentleman here asking for you, sir."

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       "The trains which traverse the lines of rail beside which the bodywas found are those which run from west to east, some being purelyMetropolitan, and some from Willesden and outlying junctions. It canbe stated for certain that this young man, when he met his death,was travelling in this direction at some late hour of the night, butat what point he entered the train it is impossible to state.""His ticket, of course, would show that."

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      "It is simpler to deal direct," said Holmes.

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    {  "So it appears."

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      "Precisely. It is a piece of tarred twine. You have also, nodoubt, remarked that Miss Cushing has cut the cord with a scissors, ascan be seen by the double fray on each side. This is of importance.""I cannot see the importance," said Lestrade.}

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      The Coroner: How was it, then, that he uttered it before he saw you,and before he even knew that you had returned from Bristol?Witness (with considerable confusion): I do not know.

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      "It had not been there the morning before."

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       "Then came Miss Grace Dunbar. She answered our advertisement andbecame governess to our two children. Perhaps you have seen herportrait in the papers. The whole world has proclaimed that she alsois a very beautiful woman. Now, I make no pretence to be more moralthan my neighbours, and I will admit to you that I could not liveunder the same roof with such a woman and in daily contact with herwithout feeling a passionate regard for her. Do you blame me, Mr.Holmes?"

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    {  "'Oh, not very many minutes.'

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      "Curious people, Watson! I don't pretend to understand it all yet,but very curious people anyway. It's a double-winged house, and theservants live on one side, the family on the other. There's no linkbetween the two save for Henderson's own servant, who serves thefamily's meals. Everything is carried to a certain door, which formsthe one connection. Governess and children hardly go out at all,except into the garden. Henderson never by any chance walks alone. Hisdark secretary is like his shadow. The gossip among the servants isthat their master is terribly afraid of something. 'Sold his soul tothe devil in exchange for money,' says Warner, 'and expects hiscreditor to come up and claim his own.' Where they came from, or whothey are, nobody has an idea. They are very violent. Twice Hendersonhas lashed at folk with his dog-whip, and only his long purse andheavy compensation have kept him out of the courts.