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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It may have been four months ago."
2.  "There will soon be a call for protection in the marriage market,for the present free-trade principle appears to tell heavily againstour home product. One by one the management of the noble houses ofGreat Britain is passing into the hands of our fair cousins fromacross the Atlantic. An important addition has been made during thelast week to the list of the prizes which have been home away by thesecharming invaders. Lord St. Simon, who has shown himself for overtwenty years proof against the little god's arrows, has now definitelyannounced his approaching marriage with Miss Hatty Doran, thefascinating daughter of a California millionaire. Miss Doran, whosegraceful figure and striking face attracted much attention at theWestbury House festivities, is an only child, and it is currentlyreported that her dowry will run to considerably over the six figures,with expectancies for the future. As it is an open secret that theDuke of Balmoral has been compelled to sell his pictures within thelast few years, and as Lord St. Simon has no property of his ownsave the small estate of Birchmoor, it is obvious that the Californianheiress is not the only gainer by an alliance which will enable her tomake the easy and common transition from a Republican lady to aBritish peeress."
3.  "Thick and horny in a way which is quite new in my experience.Always look at the hands first, Watson. Then cuffs, trouser-knees, andboots. Very curious knuckles which can only be explained by the modeof progression observed by-" Holmes paused and suddenly clapped hishand to his forehead. "Oh, Watson, Watson, what a fool I have been! Itseems incredible, and yet it must be true. All points in onedirection. How could I miss seeing the connection of ideas? Thoseknuckles- how could I have passed those knuckles? And the dog! And theivy! It's surely time that I disappeared into that little farm of mydreams. Look out, Watson! Here he is! We shall have the chance ofseeing for ourselves."
4.  When we returned to Mrs. Warren's rooms, the gloom of a Londonwinter evening had thickened into one gray curtain, a dead monotone ofcolour, broken only by the sharp yellow squares of the windows and theblurred haloes of the gas-lamps. As we peered from the darkenedsitting-room of the lodging-house, one more dim light glimmered highup through the obscurity.
5.  "Over the stables."
6.  "But the assaults take different forms, do they not? She hasbeaten your son."


1.  The remarkable acumen by which Inspector MacKinnon deduced fromthe smell of paint that some other smell, that of gas, for example,might be concealed; the bold deduction that the strong-room might alsobe the death-chamber, and the subsequent inquiry which led to thediscovery of the bodies in a disused well, cleverly concealed by adog-kennel, should live in the history of crime as a standingexample of the intelligence of our professional detectives."Well, well, MacKinnon is a good fellow," said Holmes with atolerant smile. "You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day thetrue story may be told."
2.  "It was Adams, of course."
3.  "That would be unnecessary. Three thousand will cover the matter.And there is a little reward, I fancy. Have you your check-book?Here is a pen. Better make it out for L4000."
4.  "None."
5.  "I have a young girl."
6.  "'In my own bureau.'


1.  "I came back-"
2.  For the first time the old man stirred. "God bless you, Anna!" hecried. "God bless you!"
3.  "'What are you doing there?' he asked.
4.  "After all, Watson," said Holmes, reaching up his hand for hisclay pipe, "I am not retained by the police to supply theirdeficiencies. If Horner were in danger it would be another thing;but this fellow will not appear against him, and the case mustcollapse. I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is justpossible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrongagain; he is too terribly frightened. Send him to jail now, andyou make him a jail-bird for life. Besides, it is the season offorgiveness. Chance has put in our way a most singular andwhimsical problem, and its solution is its own reward. If youwill have the goodness to touch the bell, Doctor, we will beginanother investigation, in which, also a bird will be the chieffeature."
5.   "I'll tell it you from the beginning. just sit me up a little, so asI can speak easy. It was in '83 that it happened- August of that year.Peter Carey was master of the Sea Unicorn, and I was spareharpooner. We were coming out of the ice-pack on our way home, withhead winds and a week's southerly gale, when we picked up a littlecraft that had been blown north. There was one man on her- a landsman.The crew had thought she would founder and had made for theNorwegian coast in the dinghy. I guess they were all drowned. Well, wetook him on board, this man, and he and the skipper had some longtalks in the cabin. All the baggage we took off with him was one tinbox. So far as I know, the man's name was never mentioned, and onthe second night he disappeared as if he had never been. It wasgiven out that he had either thrown himself overboard or fallenoverboard in the heavy weather that we were having. Only one manknew what had happened to him, and that was me, for, with my own eyes,I saw the skipper tip up his heels and put him over the rail in themiddle watch of a dark night, two days before we sighted theShetland Lights.
6.  He was standing at the open front of a great case which stoodbetween the windows and which contained part of his Chinesecollection. He turned as I entered with a small brown vase in hishand.


1.  "You would not think L1000 apiece an excessive sum for them?""I would pay ten."
2.  "I was going to tell you when we had this comic interlude. Here isMrs. Maberley's note. If you care to come with me we will wire her andgo out at once."
3.  "Well, we don't seem to have much material to help us. Do you saynothing has come out of that room- absolutely nothing?"The landlady drew an envelope from her bag, from it she shook outtwo burnt matches and a cigarette-end upon the table.
4、  "But you said- why, surely this might be the missing link. How do weknow that there is not something of value there?"
5、  "Ah! yes, I see. But you see, sir, them's not our geese.""Indeed! Whose, then?"




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      "Well, really, when I consider that she has turned her back-I willnot say upon me, but upon so much that many have aspired to withoutsuccess-I can hardly explain it in any other fashion."

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      "You are sure of it?"

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       "I understood that it did not open."

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      "No one in the house."

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    {  "It's the upper condyle of a human femur," said I.

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      "I had the tea-tray in my hand. I thought I would come back forthe key. Then I forgot."}

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      "I do not know."

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      "We have him! We have him!" he cried.

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       "Oh, yes, my dear Watson, I am perfectly satisfied. At the sametime, Stanley Hopkins's methods do not commend themselves to me. Iam disappointed in Stanley Hopkins. I had hoped for better things fromhim. One should always look for a possible alternative, and provideagainst it. It is the first rule of criminal investigation.""What, then, is the alternative?"

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    {  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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      "Exactly. But he received it on that day?"