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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Some lackey," murmured D'Artagnan. "Poor woman, poor woman,what have they done with you?"
2.  But this time Milady lent a more attentive ear than the first,and she heard their steps die away in the distance of thecorridor.
3.  All their countenances were melancholy and gloomy, even the mildcountenance of Aramis.
4.  "Then run to the door, and open it yourself."
5.  "My dear Cousin, His Eminence, the cardinal, whom Godpreserve for the happiness of France and the confusion ofthe enemies of the kingdom, is on the point of putting anend to the hectic rebellion of La Rochelle. It is probablethat the succor of the English fleet will never even arrivein sight of the place. I will even venture to say that I amcertain M. de Buckingham will be prevented from setting outby some great event. His Eminence is the most illustriouspolitician of times past, of times present, and probably oftimes to come. He would extinguish the sun if the sunincommoded him. Give these happy tidings to your sister, mydear cousin. I have dreamed that the unlucky Englishman wasdead. I cannot recollect whether it was by steel or bypoison; only of this I am sure, I have dreamed he was dead,and you know my dreams never deceive me. Be assured, then,of seeing me soon return."
6.  The three friends uttered a cry of surprise.


1.  "No, gentlemen, I have kept the harness," said Porthos."My faith," said Aramis, "we are all alike. One would think wehad tipped the wink."
2.  "For you alone."
3.  "You think so?"
4.  "Good heaven! That is enough to drive away all my pains; I couldmount him with thirty balls in my body. On my soul, handsomestirrups! HOLA, Bazin, come here this minute."
5.  At that moment a burst of ironical laughter resounded through thecorridor. The baron, attracted by the noise, in his chambergown, his sword under his arm, stood in the doorway."Ah," said he, "here we are, at the last act of the tragedy. Yousee, Felton, the drama has gone through all the phases I named;but be easy, no blood will flow."
6.  Anne of Austria ran to her jewel case.


1.  Fortunately, as we have said, they were within a hundred paces ofthe city; they left their two nags upon the high road, and rantoward the quay. Planchet called his master's attention to agentleman who had just arrived with his lackey, and only precededthem by about fifty paces. They made all speed to come up tothis gentleman, who appeared to be in great haste. His bootswere covered with dust, and he inquired if he could not instantlycross over to England.
2.  The three friends looked at one another and laughed; theywere caught.
3.  And the young man, delighted with his joke, went away laughingloudly.
4.  "As you please, Madame Bonacieux," said the ex-mercer. "Shall Isee you again soon?"
5.   "The devil!" cried Aramis, "you have a magnificent horsethere, Porthos."
6.  Three days afterward the four Musketeers were in Paris; they had notexceeded their leave of absence, and that same evening they went to paytheir customary visit to M. de Treville.


1.  "Well," said Porthos, "this is my advice--"
2.  "I know it well."
3.  "Why, it is with him I am also going to fight," said Porthos."But not before one o'clock," replied D'Artagnan."And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, comingin his turn onto the place.
4、  At the end of a quarter of an hour, however, surprised at thelength of the journey, she leaned forward toward the door to seewhither she was being conducted. Houses were no longer to beseen; trees appeared in the darkness like great black phantomschasing one another. Milady shuddered.
5、  "D'Artagnan."




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      "Monsieur," said Athos, "I have engaged two of my friends asseconds; but these two friends are not yet come, at which I amastonished, as it is not at all their custom."

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      "By the female side, I believe?" said the procurator,maliciously.

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       I salute you,

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      "Oh, my God! My senses fail me amid such a chaos of iniquities. I feel,if this continues," said Mme. Bonacieux, raising her hands to herforehead, "I shall go mad!"

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    {  P.S. You may behave politely to the bearer, who is a countand a grandee of Spain!

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      "Oh, what do I not owe you, Aramis?" said D'Artagnan. "DearConstance! I have at length, then, intelligence of you. Shelives; she is in safety in a convent; she is at Bethune! Whereis Bethune, Athos?"}

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      "But," continued M. de Treville, fixing upon his compatriot alook so piercing that it might be said he wished to read thethoughts of his heart, "on account of my old companion, yourfather, as I have said, I will do something for you, young man.Our recruits from Bearn are not generally very rich, and I haveno reason to think matters have much changed in this respectsince I left the province. I dare say you have not brought toolarge a stock of money with you?"

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      D'Artagnan set out with his four companions, and followedthe trench; the two Guards marched abreast with him, and thetwo soldiers followed behind.

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       "You have told me the truth, my gentlemen," said he,addressing the Musketeers, "and it will not be my fault ifour encounter this evening be not advantageous to you. Inthe meantime, follow me."

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    {  "Of complexion and brown hair?"

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      "I have no doubt that he did, monsieur, for all his wheedlingmanner."