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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "At Auteuil?" said Villefort; "true, Madame de Villeforttold me you lived at Auteuil, since it was to your housethat she was taken. And in what part of Auteuil do youreside?"
2.  "Yes, were it only out of curiosity."
3.  "Indeed, I did; and what does he mean by his news fromGreece?"
4.  "Pardon, reverend sir," said Caderousse; "you have saved mylife once, save me again!"
5.  "What you tell me is horrible, sir. You wish to make mebelieve something too dreadful. What? -- attempt to murderme in my father's house, in my room, on my bed of sickness?Oh, leave me, sir; you are tempting me -- you make me doubtthe goodness of providence -- it is impossible, it cannotbe!"
6.  "Stay, I think I told my steward yesterday to attend tothis; perhaps I can render you this slight service also." Heextended his hand, and rang the bell thrice. "Did you everoccupy yourself," said he to Franz, "with the employment oftime and the means of simplifying the summoning yourservants? I have. When I ring once, it is for my valet;twice, for my majordomo; thrice, for my steward, -- thus Ido not waste a minute or a word. Here he is." A man of aboutforty-five or fifty entered, exactly resembling the smugglerwho had introduced Franz into the cavern; but he did notappear to recognize him. It was evident he had his orders."Monsieur Bertuccio," said the count, "you have procured mewindows looking on the Piazza del Popolo, as I ordered youyesterday "


1.  "What do you want? It looks as if you were trying to fleeceme?"
2.  Meanwhile he advanced through the assemblage of guests undera battery of curious glances towards Madame de Morcerf, who,standing before a mantle-piece ornamented with flowers, hadseen his entrance in a looking-glass placed opposite thedoor, and was prepared to receive him. She turned towardshim with a serene smile just at the moment he was bowing toher. No doubt she fancied the count would speak to her,while on his side the count thought she was about to addresshim; but both remained silent, and after a mere bow, MonteCristo directed his steps to Albert, who received himcordially. "Have you seen my mother?" asked Albert.
3.  "Yes, during the Spanish war, at Perpignan, where Fernandhad left her; she was attending to the education of herson." The abbe started. "Her son?" said he.
4.  "Do you not know what became of him, and the share he had inEdmond's misfortunes?"
5.  "Not when it comes from a friend."
6.  "Yes, his bodily faculties, for he can neither move norspeak, nevertheless he thinks, acts, and wills in the mannerI have described. I left him about five minutes ago, and heis now occupied in dictating his will to two notaries."


1.  "You only intend, then, to dispose of that part of yourfortune which the law allows you to subtract from theinheritance of your son?" Noirtier made no answer. "Do youstill wish to dispose of all?"
2.  "Dantes has done his," replied the owner, "and that is notsaying much. It was Captain Leclere who gave orders for thisdelay."
3.  "He is, as you see, a very valuable animal," saidMaximilian. "You know that my means are limited, and that Iam what would be designated a man of moderate pretensions.Well, I went to a horse dealer's, where I saw thismagnificent horse, which I have named Medeah. I asked theprice; they told me it was 4,500 francs. I was, therefore,obliged to give it up, as you may imagine, but I own I wentaway with rather a heavy heart, for the horse had looked atme affectionately, had rubbed his head against me and, whenI mounted him, had pranced in the most delightful wayimaginable, so that I was altogether fascinated with him.The same evening some friends of mine visited me, -- M. deChateau-Renaud, M. Debray, and five or six other choicespirits, whom you do not know, even by name. They proposed agame of bouillotte. I never play, for I am not rich enoughto afford to lose, or sufficiently poor to desire to gain.But I was at my own house, you understand, so there wasnothing to be done but to send for the cards, which I did.
4.  "I have made a mistake owing to an error in my plans. I tookthe wrong angle, and have come out fifteen feet from where Iintended. I took the wall you are mining for the outer wallof the fortress."
5.   "Ah, no, madame, that could not be. Dead bodies are not kepta year; they are shown to a magistrate, and the evidence istaken. Now, nothing of the kind has happened."
6.  She loved Villefort, and he left her at the moment he wasabout to become her husband. Villefort knew not when heshould return, and Renee, far from pleading for Dantes,hated the man whose crime separated her from her lover.


1.  "Farther still, perhaps."
2.  "You?"
3.  Like other dwellers in the south, he was a man of soberhabits and moderate desires, but fond of external show,vain, and addicted to display. During the days of hisprosperity, not a festivity took place without himself andwife being among the spectators. He dressed in thepicturesque costume worn upon grand occasions by theinhabitants of the south of France, bearing equalresemblance to the style adopted both by the Catalans andAndalusians; while La Carconte displayed the charmingfashion prevalent among the women of Arles, a mode of attireborrowed equally from Greece and Arabia. But, by degrees,watch-chains, necklaces, parti-colored scarfs, embroideredbodices, velvet vests, elegantly worked stockings, stripedgaiters, and silver buckles for the shoes, all disappeared;and Gaspard Caderousse, unable to appear abroad in hispristine splendor, had given up any further participation inthe pomps and vanities, both for himself and wife, althougha bitter feeling of envious discontent filled his mind asthe sound of mirth and merry music from the joyous revellersreached even the miserable hostelry to which he still clung,more for the shelter than the profit it afforded.
4、  "Ah?" said Monte Cristo, "I trust he is not going to temptme by some fresh insult!"
5、  "How strong and courageous you are!" said the fair, frailgirl to her brunette companion.




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      "Not for a stranger," said Debray, "but for a friend Imight, perhaps."

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      "With Albert."

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       "I am ready, my son," said Mercedes. Albert ran to fetch acarriage. He recollected that there was a small furnishedhouse to let in the Rue de Saints Peres, where his motherwould find a humble but decent lodging, and thither heintended conducting the countess. As the carriage stopped atthe door, and Albert was alighting, a man approached andgave him a letter. Albert recognized the bearer. "From thecount," said Bertuccio. Albert took the letter, opened, andread it, then looked round for Bertuccio, but he was gone.He returned to Mercedes with tears in his eyes and heavingbreast, and without uttering a word he gave her the letter.Mercedes read: --

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      "Does the sum you gave for them make the animals lessbeautiful," inquired the count, shrugging his shoulders.

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    {  In a moment that part of the floor on which Dantes wasresting his two hands, as he knelt with his head in theopening, suddenly gave way; he drew back smartly, while amass of stones and earth disappeared in a hole that openedbeneath the aperture he himself had formed. Then from thebottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossibleto measure, he saw appear, first the head, then theshoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightlyinto his cell.

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      "Oh, it is well enough as the production of a humancomposer, sung by featherless bipeds, to quote the lateDiogenes."}

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      "I never speak to his excellency," replied the concierge;"the valet de chambre will carry your message." The groomreturned to the carriage. "Well?" asked Danglars. The man,somewhat crest-fallen by the rebuke he had received,repeated what the concierge had said. "Bless me," murmuredBaron Danglars, "this must surely be a prince instead of acount by their styling him `excellency,' and only venturingto address him by the medium of his valet de chambre.However, it does not signify; he has a letter of credit onme, so I must see him when he requires his money."

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      "Alas," stammered Villefort, "I do not lose a single word."

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       "Counting his treasures," replied the governor.

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    {  "A hundred crowns, yes, sir; so you see that I am not likelyto do any of these things."

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      "Do you not form a very rash judgment, Emmanuel?" saidJulie. "When my father, with a pistol in his hand, was onceon the point of committing suicide, had any one then said,`This man deserves his misery,' would not that person havebeen deceived?"