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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  SHERLOCK HOLMES
4.  "Thats no good."
5.  "I insist upon staying with you."
6.  The inspector shrugged his shoulders. "I don't quite know, sir.Between ourselves, I think Mr. Holmes has not quite got over hisillness yet. He's been behaving very queerly, and he is very muchexcited."


1.  "Why in my presence, sir?"
2.  "Yes, sir, it is true," said he.
3.  "My dear Holmes!"
4.  "Did you see anyone?"
5.  "He might have leaped back. You did not see anyone else in theroom?"
6.  "Yes, that's the question. Who had the house before you?""A retired sea captain called Ferguson."


1.  "Within a few yards from the spot."
2.  "`Gone to the dealer's, Jem.'
3.  "The man lived and he got off with a year. I have no doubt he is outnow, but he has not dared to show his nose here. We have a cousin ofhis here, and I daresay he could tell you where he is.""No, no," cried Holmes, "not a word to the cousin- not a word, I begof you. The matter is very important, and the farther I go with it,the more important it seems to grow. When you referred in yourledger to the sale of those casts I observed that the date was June3rd of last year. Could you give me the date when Beppo was arrested?""I could tell you roughly by the pay-list," the manager answered."Yes," he continued, after some turning over of pages, "he was paidlast on May 20th."
4.  "All this occurred during the first month of the long vacation. Iwent up to my London rooms, where I spent seven weeks working out afew experiments in organic chemistry. One day, however, when theautumn was far advanced and the vacation drawing to a close, Ireceived a telegram from my friend imploring me to return toDonnithorpe, and saying that he was in great need of my advice andassistance. Of course I dropped everything and set out for the Northonce more.
5.   "No, I dare say not," said the professor with asperity. "However,that particular one can be answered very easily without your aid."He walked across the room to the bell. Our London friend, Mr.Bennett, answered the call.
6.  "Is Mr. Trelawney Hope at home?"


1.  "Ah, you look on these things from another standpoint.""I fail to see that anyone is to blame. I can hardly see how thelady could have acted otherwise, though her abrupt method of doingit was undoubtedly to be regretted. Having no mother, she had no oneto advise her at such a crisis."
2.  "'But I know nothing about hardware.'
3.  "We have had some fresh evidence this morning," said Lestrade. "Apassenger who passed Aldgate in an ordinary Metropolitan train about11:40 on Monday night declares that he heard a heavy thud, as of abody striking the line, just before the train reached the station.There was dense fog, however, and nothing could be seen. He made noreport of it at the time. Why, whatever is the matter with Mr.Holmes?"
4、  "It is a very fine demonstration," he answered. "In the St.Pancras case you may remember that a cap was found beside the deadpoliceman. The accused man denies that it is his. But he is apicture-frame maker who, habitually handles glue."
5、  "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdlysimple."




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      "Then the page we have seen--"

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      "Well, I don't insist upon it. Whatever the cause, Colonel Moranbegan to go wrong. Without any open scandal, he still made India toohot to hold him. He retired, came to London, and again acquired anevil name. It was at this time that he was sought out by ProfessorMoriarty, to whom for a time he was chief of the staff. Moriartysupplied him liberally with money, and used him only in one or twovery high-class jobs, which no ordinary criminal could haveundertaken. You may have some recollection of the death of Mrs.Stewart, of Lauder, in 1887. Not? Well, I am sure Moran was at thebottom of it, but nothing could be proved. So cleverly was the colonelconcealed that, even when the Moriarty gang was broken up, we couldnot incriminate him. You remember at that date, when I called upon youin your rooms, how I put up the shutters for fear of air-guns? Nodoubt you thought me fanciful. I knew exactly what I was doing, forI knew of the existence of this remarkable gun, and I knew also thatone of the best shots in the world would be behind it. When we were inSwitzerland he followed us with Moriarty, and it was undoubtedly hewho gave me that evil five minutes on the Reichenbach ledge."You may think that I read the papers with some attention duringmy sojourn in France, on the look-out for any chance of laying himby the heels. So long as he was free in London, my life would reallynot have been worth living. Night and day the shadow would have beenover me, and sooner or later his chance must have come. What could Ido? I could not shoot him at sight, or I should myself be in the dock.There was no use appealing to a magistrate. They cannot interfere onthe strength of what would appear to them to be a wild suspicion. So Icould do nothing. But I watched the criminal news, knowing that sooneror later I should get him. Then came the death of this Ronald Adair.My chance had come at last. Knowing what I did, was it not certainthat Colonel Moran had done it? He had played cards with the lad, hehad followed him home from the club, he had shot him through theopen window. There was not a doubt of it. The bullets alone are enoughto put his head in a noose. I came over at once. I was seen by thesentinel, who would, I knew, direct the colonel's attention to mypresence. He could not fail to connect my sudden return with hiscrime, and to be terribly alarmed. I was sure that he would make anattempt to get me out of the way at once, and would bring round hismurderous weapon for that purpose. I left him an excellent mark in thewindow, and, having warned the police that they might be needed- bythe way, Watson, you spotted their presence in that doorway withunerring accuracy- I took up what seemed to me to be a judiciouspost for observation, never dreaming that he would choose the samespot for his attack. Now, my dear Watson, does anything remain forme to explain?"

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       "Who by?"

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      "Yes. I was surprised to hear that she had it in her hand when shedied."

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    {  "Good God! What a week she must have spent!"

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      "What could I do? Absolute ruin faced me. If I could stave thingsoff for three weeks all would be well. Her maid's husband- this manhere- is an actor. It came into our heads- it came into my head-that he could for that short period personate my sister. It was buta case of appearing daily in the carriage, for no one need enter herroom save the maid. It was not difficult to arrange. My sister died ofthe dropsy which had long afflicted her."}

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      "'But, madam,' said I, 'I have not yet done what I came for. Icannot possibly leave until I have seen the machine.'

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      "I have no doubt, sir, that my friend Godfrey, when we find him,will be prepared to do that."

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       Holmes sprang from his chair.

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    {  "Because it ran up the curtain. A canary's cage was hanging in thewindow, and its aim seems to have been to get at the bird.""Then what was the beast?"

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      Holmes assumed his sternest aspect.